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Another Story

So I’ve made a new story that I am super-duper-excited about!  I’m sure you’re familiar with Serpent and Carrie Queen, as they’ve just made quite a splash in the last two updates.  Well, they’ve now got a blog, Queens of Crime, dedicated to their adventures in Lucky Palms. Which are a little bit in the future of this blog. But in a couple of updates, I’ll have Queens’ Hive in-sync with Queens of Crime. Scarab, Clark, Devon, and Liam Gelman will also make appearances, and Elena may pop over there as well. Also! Jamie Queen-Breeze, Elena’s third child, is neighbor to Carrie and Serpent, because I’ve always loved him and his cuteness and wanted to give him a bit of a life outside of Elena’s story. 😀

147. Baby, it’s Cold Outside


“Yeah, I’m totally the best snow-flyer out there!”


“So, you’re one of my grandsons, huh?” said my dad.

“Yeah, man.”

“Are you one of those types?”

“Yeah, man.”

“Great, I got myself a no-good grandson, just like the one hiding in the house.  Elena needs to set down the law.”

“Red, shut up,” said my mom.

“Yeah, man.  What she said,” said Merik.


“So next step is the head,” said Jesme.  “That’s usually a smaller snowball.”

“I know how a snowman works,” said Carrie.

“Oh, okay.  I thought you might…um…need some help.”

“Just because I’m crazy doesn’t make me stupid.”

“I never said that.  You’ve just been rubbing that ball a long time.”

“I want the middle to be sculpted.  Like my dream guy.”


“I really should keep some tricks for myself.  You’re stealing all my glory!” shouted Holly.

“I can’t hear you over my awesome!” I shouted back.


“You sure you need me?  I’d rather not play – ” said Merik.

“Focus, bro.  I need you.  We got to cream Devon,” said Clark.

“Can’t we do that over a game of chess?”


“What’s this, desertation so soon?” yelled Devon.

“Yeah, come on!  We haven’t even started!” said Yoshi.

“You guys are total wimpy reindeer!”

“Really?  That’s the best insult you’ve got?”


“I don’t need insults when I’ve got a melon-ball!”


“Aaaaargh!  DEVON!  I wasn’t ready!”


“Don’t worry, I’ve got your back,” said Tasia.  “Get him!”


“This is for every time you’ve called me boring!”


“Oof!  I didn’t realize you had such hard feelings!”


“Man, they’re having a lot of fun.”


“What do you say we have a game of our own?”


“Too bad, I’m bored.”


Carrie volunteered to stay home with Serpent and the triplets when the rest of us wanted to go to the festival.  I’m sure that may be viewed as questionable, but Carrie is actually very good with kids and Serpent isn’t completely terrible at it.  And Bonehilda was there.


“I’ve got an idea,” said Serpent.  “Let’s go outside and build ourselves an igloo.”

“I thought you’re too scared to go outside?”

“I’m not scared.  I’m cautious.  If anyone asks, my name is Devon.”

“You’re kidding, right?  I’m not letting you impersonate Devon.  You don’t even look much like him.”

“Fine, I’m Big Bear Grumbles.  Is that better?”



“Are you planning on marrying that snowman?  This is going to take forever if you don’t help me!”


“I’m divorcing him!  He got fat!”


“Die, husband, die!”

“Girls.  Can’t live with them cause we get killed by them.”


“Are you done yet?”

“I hope no one sees the body.  My lawyer can’t get me out of homicide.”

“Relax, the body will melt soon enough.”


“Besides, you can hide in the bunker when it’s done.”

“I thought this is an igloo?”

“Same difference.”


Yoshi stayed in the bathroom the whole time we were at the festival.  I’m wondering if I should be worried.  But it was hard to be while watching his faces.


Ira, of all people, was the one obsessed with snowboarding.  Tasia is the athletic one.  I thought.


Clark and Scarab helped each other stay up.

“I hope nobody thinks we’re dating,” said Clark.

“Are you kidding?  If they do, I’ll punch them in the face.”

“And I’ll laugh at you,” said Devon.  “Like I’m doing right now.  HAH!”


“Maybe you should’ve stayed with Clark,” said Holly.

“No, it’s best to keep up appearances,” said my mom.

“Is he really keeping his appearance up if he lands on his butt?”



“Wow, you’re doing pretty good!” said Jesme.

“And you’re doing absolutely nothing,” said Clark.

“Yeah, well, I like flying.  So there!”

“I really don’t see why Elena wants a hundred of you,” said my dad.


“Red, do you remember our little discussion?”

“The deal was that I be nice to Elena.  She’s all the way over there in the hot tub.”

“Jeez, no wonder Gran doesn’t want you around,” said Holly.

“Mind your business,” said Dad.


“Or what?  You’ll fall on me?”

“She has a point there,” said my mom.

“Shut up.”

I thought fate had done a pretty good job, so I didn’t say anything.


Back home in our hot tub, Carrie was relaxing after her divorce.  I wasn’t aware she hated Christmas so much that she wanted to destroy her dress.


“Good, now Carrie’s out of the way…Gimme that!”


“This is too big for your little mouth anyways.  I’m doing you a favor.”


“You red devil!” said Shya.

“Hey, I’m no devil!  I’m just a thoughtful big brother!”



“I smash you.”

“I help!” said Sydney.

“I got stick.  Help too!” said Remiel.

“CARRIE!  I’m being mobbed by a bunch of babies!”


“Aww, come here.  What did Serp do?”

“What did I do?  Don’t you mean what did they do?  They tried to kill me!”

“He bad brother.  He hurt Shya!” said Remiel.

“No, I kept her from getting cavities!”


“Hey, Grandma, where do you think you’re going?”

“What do you think?  I’m totally going to beat you!”

“For an old lady, you move fast.”

“Less talking, more racing!”


“Come on, Clark, show me your moves.  I’m dying out here.”

“S’pose it wouldn’t hurt,” said Clark.

“You just jinxed yourselves,” said Holly.





“I’d like to see you fall,” said Scarab.

“Same here.”




“Then go home, stupid,” said Tasia.  “Seriously, why are you still standing there when you can fly away?”

“Tasia, be nice,” I said.

“Granddaughter, aren’t you going to heal him?”

“He’s gone already.”


Merik had rushed home.  I was worried about him, but when I saw him warm up, I relaxed.  You only die of cold if you’re actually cold.


“Great, where did he go?”

“Don’t care,” said Shya.  “He meanie-poo.”


Serpent was out by the wishing well Grandma Anna got me for Christmas.  Apparently whatever he wished for was granted.  I hope it was something sensible like safety from the cops.  Not that I condone his criminal activity.


“So where were you?  These kids are a handful!”

“That’s what I was trying to tell you, sister dear.  They’re little monsters.”

“Sister dear?”

“Yes, sister dear.  I love you so much.  Shouldn’t I tell you that?”

“Have you been drinking one of Holly’s elixirs?”

“No.  The well made me happy.”


“Look who skates like a girl!” said Holly.

“You lost the race,” said my mom.  “Figure-skating isn’t part of it.”

“Ah, who cares.”


“Now that’s skating,” said Holly.

“Devon’s was totally better,” said Clark.


“So did either of you take care of the triplets at all?”


“Mom, lay off.  Carrie was trying to get some sleep.  The kids were making us crazy.”

“Actually, they were just making you crazy,” said Carrie.  “I’m fine, Mom.  The kids have nothing to do with me being tired.  Serpent’s why I’m tired.”

“Well, same to you too.  You almost let me be eaten by them!”

“Go away.”


“What did you do to them?  They keep calling you a devil,” said Jesme.


“Seriously, why is everyone going after me?  A guy protects his sister from a lollipop and he gets yelled at?  You women are nuts.”


“So are you sure things were okay around here?” I asked.


“Yeah, Mom, they were great.  You know, I think being here has actually helped.  I haven’t heard the voices much.  And I guess Serpent’s helped a bit too.  He’s a great brother when he’s not being a butt-head.  Don’t tell him I said that.”

“I won’t.”