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121. Children Should Be Seen, Not Heard

A/N: This may be the last post for about a month. I’m going to be doing NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month. That means I have to write about 1,667 words a day to get 50,000 words at the end of the month. So I need to cut back on Simming or go crazy. But I may Sim a bit if I have time and am hitting my daily wordcount. So…we’ll see. Just in case, I’m declaring this a possible hiatus. ūüėČ

Also, Happy Halloween!

I’ve been inviting Jacko Lantern over to my house a lot lately.¬† He’s just so much fun to be around!

In more ways than one.

“Hey, is that Daddy?”¬†Junior asked me when he saw Jacko.

“No,¬†honey, that’s my boyfriend.¬† Your daddy lives in Twinbrook and he’s green like you.”

“But Lana and Tamia say Daddy’s purple,” Junior protested.

“Yes, well, Tamia and Lana are thinking of their own daddy, who’s purple like them.”

“So you’re Mommy’s boyfriend, huh?” Faye said.

“Yes,” said Jacko.

“Put a shirt on, Mommy’s Boyfriend.¬† You look gross without one.”

The two of them had their birthdays shortly after this little scene.

Junior started dancing with glee once the sparkles had settled. He looks a lot like a rabbit in this moment.

Faye took a shine to the guitar I haven’t had time to practice on.¬† I’m pretty sure Junior was ignoring her music in favor of the radio, though.

A day later, Tamia sat down while I was watching TV.¬† “So, Mom, what’s with the orange guy?” she asked.

“He’s my boyfriend, Jacko Lantern,” I said.

“Yeah, I kinda figured.¬† What I meant is, why are you dating him?”

“Um, because I want to?”

“But what about Dad?¬† I’m sure he misses you, even if you don’t remember him. You never divorced him!¬† And Zoey’s out looking for him right now.”

“Shush,” I said, because Jacko was right behind us in the kitchen.¬† “Look, Tammy, I am not married.¬† I haven’t been married in a long time.¬† Since before you were born.”

“That’s not true!” exclaimed Lana.¬† “Weren’t you listening to anything Holly told you?¬† Yori Kader took away your memories of Dad!”

“Look, I know I’m not married, okay?¬† Holly made a mistake.¬† Yori already took away the thing that’s most important to me, and it’s not a mythical husband!¬† She took away Curly and Sonset!”

Curly and Sonset?” Lana shrieked.¬† “Are you kidding me?¬† You can get them back anytime you want – the barrier is down around Twinbrook!¬† She took away your husband, our dad!¬† How can you be so stupid?”

“Shut up, Lana Queen,” I said.

“Elena?” said Jacko.¬† “Is what I’m hearing true?”

“See, this is why I¬†was trying to tell¬†you two to shush,” I grumbled as I got up.¬† “No, it’s not true.¬† I’m not, and haven’t been in a while, married.¬† So don’t worry, Jackie.”

Don’t worry?” Jacko yelled.¬† “How am I not supposed to not¬†worry?¬† I’ve been hearing the same stuff from your other kids!¬† Now, unless they’re all conspiring against you and me – ”

“They are,” I said without thinking.

“No, I really don’t think they are,” said Jacko.¬† “I’ve been watching their auras.¬† They’re all deadly serious.¬† You’ve been lying to me.”

“I HAVEN’T!” I screamed.¬† “For the last time, I’m.¬† Not.¬† Married!”

He hit me.  I stood there stunned as my boyfriend turned and stomped out the front door.  He left behind a deadly silence.  I was pretty sure he was my ex-boyfriend now.

I ran to my room and cried.

“What was that all about?” Junior asked.

“Yeah, why did you two do that?” Faye added. “Mom’s really upset. I heard her crying.”

Lana bit her lip and looked to Tamia.

“We didn’t know he was going to hit Mom,” said Tamia.

“That’s not what we asked,” said Faye.¬† “We want to know why you provoked Jacko at all.”

“Well, we thought he’d just get in an argument with her and they’d break up.”

“Yes, but why?” pressed Faye.

“Because Dad wouldn’t be happy to know Mom’s with another guy again,” said Tamia.¬† “She’d cheated on him twice before already, and they were going to therapy before the move, and now Mom’s pregnant again.¬† We figured when Zoey brings Dad back, we could pass off the kids Mom’s pregnant with now as more of her pollination children.¬† Like you and Junior.”

“But Mom says she’s not – ”

“We know what Mom says,” said Lana.¬† “But Mom’s got amnesia.”

I couldn’t be bothered taking a picture of the ghost girls’ birthday party.¬† I was still incredibly upset with them.

Tamia’s chosen to go into the musical career.

And Lana’s going to be a doctor.¬† I hope she doesn’t frighten her patients to death.

I went into labor after their party.

Tamia apologized profusely to me and took me to the hospital, but I wanted to hear it from Lana too.  She was the one who had really hurt me.

I carried Rory¬†out of the hospital while Tamia held Ricky.¬† Tamia and Lana left as soon as we got home, and I didn’t hear a word of apology from Lana.

At least I have my babies to comfort me.¬† I can’t help but smile whenever I look at them, despite that they look so much like their father.¬† They’re sweet innocents.

And it’s fun to watch them fly.

120. Kids Say the Darndest Things

“Zoey, why doesn’t Mommy remember Daddy?” Lana asked.

“Holly says it’s cause the witch who sent us here took away Mom’s memories of Dad,” said Zoey.

“Can’t Holly give them back to her?”

“It’s not that easy.¬† Holly doesn’t know how to do that kind of magic.”

“But she could learn, right?”

“You’d think so, wouldn’t you?” said Zoey.

“I miss Daddy,” said Lana.

“I know.¬† I do too.¬† I’m going to go looking for him after I’m an adult.”

“But then I’ll miss you!” said Lana.

“I’ll come back when I’ve found him.¬† And I’ll bring Daddy back too.”

“Oh.¬† Okay, then.¬† But come back soon!” said Lana.

“I haven’t even left yet!” said Zoey.

No matter how many birthdays I’ve seen, I always have fun at them.

Now that she’s older, I can finally see that Tamia looks a lot like me in the face.

Lana, I think, has her bio-dad’s eyes.

Then Junior square-danced his way to childhood.

He looks quite like his toddler-self, actually.

My sweet Faye almost looked like a member of the Fae.

I think her facial features may lean towards Larry Mills’ side.¬† Only time will tell.

“Mom, where’s Dad?” Tamia asked me.

“I’ve told everyone!” I exclaimed.¬† “The only dad you and Lana have is back in Twinbrook haunting a graveyard!¬† Stop trying to guilt me into getting married!¬† I’m no good with marriage!”

“Okay,” whispered Tamia.¬† As I watched her float away, I felt guilty.¬† Maybe I should’ve just humored their delusions and said¬†their ‘dad’ and I had a¬†falling out or something.

Instead, I went to the park while the kids were at school.

And met this fairy named Jacko Lantern. Don’t worry, we were actually just playing a good game of rock, paper, scissors. His scary faces made me laugh, not scream.

To help him calm down, I gave him a massage.

“You’ve got hands of magic,” said Jacko.

“Don’t all fairies?” I replied.

“Yes, but yours are more magical than most,” he said.

“There are other things I can do with them too.¬† Would you like me to show you?”

He said yes.

We weren’t really sure how much age difference there is between Zoey and Holly, so I let them celebrate together.

Zoey doesn’t look a whole lot like me aside from the hair, but I can’t think of who she looks like.¬† Her father was probably that guy everyone kept telling me I’m married to.

She doesn’t know what she wants in life, except to find her father.¬† I’m sure she’ll do fine, though.

“Grandma, don’t forget that you can call me anytime if you need anything at all,” said Holly.¬† “If you need help with magic, if you need a babysitter, anything at all.¬† I’m staying in town, so seriously, just give me a ring.”

“Okay,” I said.¬† “But I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself and the kids.¬† It’s you I should be telling to give me a ring.”

“I will, if I need you.¬† But I’m more worried about you.¬† Nana could come back.”

“I know, but this time I’ll have magic on my side too.”

“Yeah, well, I have a feeling you need to be protected from yourself more than from Yori,” said Zoey.¬† “Don’t go sleeping around with guys who aren’t Dad, okay?”

“I’ve never been married to your dad, Zoey.¬† I’m allowed to sleep with whoever I like, and it’s really none of your business anymore now that you’re leaving.”

“In other words, she’s already done it,” Holly mumbled.

“Oh, Berry,” sighed Zoey.¬† “I’m wondering if it’s such a good idea to find Dad now.”

“You should,” I said.¬† “You should get to know your own father, since I couldn’t provide one for you.”

“Come on,” Holly said as Zoey opened her mouth to protest.¬† “Let’s just get going.¬† See ya, Grandma.”