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154. Rumor Mill

A/N: Back to Elena for this one. I think the next will be from Holly’s perspective again. ūüôā From what I have planned, I will do one more update with Holly, then focus on my other two blogs for a bit. Unless I change my mind, which ya’ll know I do by now. XD


Holly has been very quiet since that party she went to without telling me.


“Is there anything you want to talk about?” I asked, in hopes of getting her to spill the beans.


“Are you okay?”

“Not really.”

“What happened?”

“What does it matter?”

“It matters to me.”

“Well, I don’t want you to know.”¬† She got up and walked away.


Since I couldn’t get anything out of Holly, I decided to head to the dog park for some alone time with Curly.¬† And once again I was waylaid by a ghost.¬† Do I have a target on my back that says, ‘WooHoo This Fairy’?


I was surprised when it just turned out he wanted to say hi to Curly.  Apparently he really likes dogs.  His name is Dan Fletcher.


“It’s nice to meet you, Dan,” I was saying as my daughter-in-law’s father came up to us.

“Hello, Elena.¬† You’re looking well,” said Sugar Bell.


“Oh, Sugar, hi!’ I said.¬† “How are you?¬† Have you been to see Snow and Cameron and Hope and Angel lately?¬† I would, but I’m always so busy.”

“Who?” asked Dan.

“Oh, just my son, his wife, and their kids,” I said.

“Yes, I have.¬† In fact, Cameron is coming.¬† We were actually hoping to see some dogs, but it’s only that one little one over there apparently.”


“I didn’t know you have a son and grandchildren,” Dan said.

“Well…we have only just met.¬† Why would you even know that?”

“You seem so young.¬† I just assumed you aren’t married.”

“I’m not,” I said with a familiar pang.¬† “I just have a lot of kids.”

“Who is this fellow?” asked Sugar.

I introduced them.


“Ah, so one of your baby fathers then?” asked Sugar.

“No!¬† I don’t know…I haven’t even asked him.¬† Maybe?”

“Baby father?¬† What does that mean?”

“It means she wants kids out of every man she meets.”

“That’s not true.¬† I don’t want kids from you,” I snapped at Sugar.¬† This was really uncomfortable.¬† Usually¬†I was alone with my men.


“Maybe only because we’re related by our children.”

I didn’t say so, but he was right.


“Hi, there, little fella.¬† Are there more of you about?”


I thankfully separated myself from the posturing men and ran to hug Cameron.¬† “How are you?” I asked.

“Happy and healthy.¬† Hope and Angel are all grown up now.¬† They miss you.¬† No sign of him?”

“No.¬† He hasn’t been around at all as far as I can tell.”

“Good, that’s…good.¬† Mom, who is that fella over there?¬† Another baby daddy?”

“Why does everyone keep asking me that?”

“Because it’s usually what you do.”


“Well, I’m beat.¬† I should get home to Snow and the kids.”

“Really?¬† You just got here!”

“I figure you…er…will want alone time.¬† Besides, I don’t really want to witness it.”


“What?¬† Would you rather I lied?”



“Oh, aren’t you cute, sweetie?”


“Hi, Jesme.”

“Oh, hi, Mom!¬† I was here with Merik and Yoshi’s gals, but they left already.¬† I guess to hunt some poor sims and drink them.¬† Is the dog yours?”

“Yep.¬† Isn’t he a beaut?”

“Sure is!¬† Why didn’t you get a dog sooner?”

“I’ve had him since forever.¬† But I left him behind in Twinbrook unintentionally when I was magically moved here.”

“Oh, right.¬† So who’s that guy talking to Cameron’s father-in-law?”

“Just some ghost.¬† Why’s everyone asking about him?”


“Sorry, Mom.¬† I should get home now, got cleaning to do or something.”

Seriously, what was with my kids?¬† I wasn’t that indiscreet with men.¬† Was I?


“You know, I should talk to the family about getting a dog or two.¬† Or maybe some cats.¬† Right now I’m leaning towards dogs.¬† You’re so fluffy!”


“Merik!¬† You should definitely get a dog.¬† They’re great with kids.”

“What are you implying?”

“Well, I thought you and Evalynn…”

“Oh, right, yeah.¬† That’s a good point.”

“So let me ask you something.¬† How do I act around men?”

“Oh…Mom,¬†I don’t really want to answer that question.”


“Why not?”

“Cause you’re embarrassing when you start flirting, okay?¬† I got to get home to Evalynn.¬† Thanks for the tip about dogs.”

“Merik Queen, you get back here right now!”

“Goodbye, Mom.”


“Just how many children does she have?¬† I counted three so far.”


“Nobody outside her family really knows.¬† She has them so quickly, rumors swirl that she’s not really having the kids but adopting them or something.¬† But the kids¬†grow up so quickly that some people think she’s not really from around here.”

“What do you mean?¬† She’s a fairy.¬† Of course she belongs in Moonlight Falls.”

“Well, some people think she may be an alien in disguise.”


Overhearing them, I scooped up Curly and started leaving.¬† Had I really been that obvious?¬† How could I have given away my grandmother’s secret so easily?¬† I guess I wasn’t the ninja I thought I was.

“Elena, wait!”


“Just wait.”


“I am interested in you.¬† Would you like to get some coffee or something?¬† I would like to talk.”

“Are you going to imply I’m an alien as well?”¬† Best to take the defensive route, seem like I was offended by it and not scared.

“No.¬† I’m simply…drawn to you.”


“I guess we could.¬† But quick question – is there a sign on my back implying anything?”

“No.¬† Why would there be?”

“I don’t know.¬† I guess I’m just annoyed.”

“I’m sorry.¬† Was it something I said?”

“Not you, don’t worry.”


“Well, let’s go get that coffee.¬† But first we have to drop my dog at home.”


We went to the same diner Russ Fortier – Nikko’s dad – and I had gone to.¬† There really aren’t that many eating establishments in Moonlight Falls.¬† It appears the Ziharian¬†alien frequents this place too.¬† I wish I could meet him or her.


Nothing happened that night.¬† Even after my coffee I was exhausted.¬† Plus, I was decidedly turned off by my children’s implications.¬† I let Dan stay at my home for the interim.


“Why is there a Fugly Wall Person in our room?”

“I don’t know, Syd.¬† Why?”

“It’s Sydivicous, and I was asking you!”


“Mom should really get a guest room built.¬† It’s so awkward sharing a room with all manner of random strangers.”

“Couldn’t agree more, bro.”


“Don’t mind them, Sir Ghostliness.¬† They’re just afraid of you, but trying not to act like it.¬† What’s your name?”

“Dan Fletcher.”

“Ah.¬† Should I call you Fletchhawk or something, then?”

“Why would you say that?”

“Most knights weren’t Fletchers, they were all fancy-pantsy.¬† Like Sir McGoobadash.”


“If it helps, I think you’re pretty cool.¬† I’ve never really talked to a grown-up ghost before.¬† My brothers’ daddy who just left spent a lot of time with Mommy, and I don’t remember much about my daddy..”


“Thank you, you are both kind.¬† I was just exploring really, I’m sorry I woke you and your siblings up.”

“It’s all right, Fletchhawk.¬† You can sleep here if you want.”

“No, really, I think I will explore elsewhere.¬† You have a good evening.”


“You’re pretty good with kids.¬† I guess you made some with Gran?”

“Not yet.¬† It depends on if she wants me.”

“If she’s letting you stay here, I think she does.”

“I can only hope.”


“So what do you do when you’re not making kids?”

“I haunt graveyards, of course.¬† I am dead.”

“So was Gran at the graveyard when you met?”

“No, the dog park.”

“Thought you said you haunt graveyards.”

“I do, but I like dogs and a change of scenery.”


“I see you like kids,” I said in the morning.


“I’m sorry, but they were crying…”

“No, no, it’s great.¬† I never turn down help, especially with quads in the house.”

“Well, I should still allow him to roam.”


“So I guess this means you’re interested?”

“In what?”

“In making babies, of course!¬† Haven’t you figured out by now what I do with my life?”

“I have, but it’s generally a good idea to allow the lady to make the first move.”

“You’re sweet.”


I took the hint.


We found our way to the hot tub somehow.


And made bubbles.


“I’m sorry if I implied anything, Dan, but I am not looking for a relationship at the moment.”

“That’s all right, I suppose.¬† I enjoyed our time.¬† If you ever change your mind, just go to your local graveyard or dog park.”

“I’ll do that.”

But I wouldn’t.


“Gran, you asked me if there was something wrong.”

“Well, is there?”

“I was a bit¬†drunk…and I met this guy at a party.¬† But then it turned out he only wanted me for my body…and there was this really nice girl there that I think I like but I think I broke whatever connection there might be between us.¬† She knows what I did.”

“So you’re bi?”

“I guess.”


“All you can do is try to repair whatever it was between you.¬† And you have to stay committed if you do.”

“I know that part, Gran.¬† But how can I do anything at all?¬† She hates me now.”

“I don’t know about that.¬† People can be pretty crazy when they’re interested.”

“Like Grandpa.”

“…Yes.¬† We were both crazy in love.”


I opted for a home birth.¬† I’m paranoid now, after I heard Sugar gossiping about me in the dog park.¬† How did he know?¬† No one could possibly know about that, I had only told my kids and I trusted them.

I wasn’t really able to ruminate on it, as the pain was pretty intense.


“Mom?¬† Maybe you should go to the hospital.”

“AAAAH!¬† No.”

“But Mom – ”

“Please calm down, Sydney, it’s nothing to worry about.”

“Having quads in your room isn’t a worry?”


The oldest was Finnick.


The second, sweet Prim.


The third, beautiful Mags.


And the second boy of the group, Cinna.

I don’t know why Sydney was so worried.¬† One more baby to push out isn’t that difficult.


“Holly, can you please help?¬† We gotta age the older quads up, and Mom needs a rest.”

“The older quads?¬† Oh, bellsugar…she didn’t.”

“She did.¬† Ya gotta help us!”

“Actually, I don’t have to do anything of the sort.¬† I think I’ll go for a nice walk.”



“You’re on your own.”

A/N: Dan Fletcher was made by Nancy01905.

Oh yeah, here’s a bit of info on the upcoming baby daddies:

Milenchica’s daddy will be next.
Then another of Garrat’s.
Then the rest of Nancy’s daddies will go in no particular order. ūüôā

153. Rebellion

A/N: Chapter from Holly’s point of view.¬† I can’t remember if I ever did one before.¬† This’ll be fun. ūüėÄ


Gran decided to age Nikko up straight after the quads got home.¬† I can’t say I blame her.¬† Though I wonder why she doesn’t just age the quads up too, save herself the headache.


Teddy was being annoying being appropriate about it all.  I laughed extra-loudly to bug him.


“You look like a bald monk-elf thing,” I told Nikko.

“Is that a good thing?”



The kids are very whiny.¬† It’s worse than normal cause there’s an extra brat in the bunch.


Don’t get me wrong, I love kids.¬† But listening to them scream grates on anybody.


Gran made all of us train them, but we kept getting tired¬†and the triplets¬†had to go to school so it wasn’t like we were doing all the work for her.


They were cutest when they were asleep.


“Gah.¬† I don’t know how you do this all the time.”

“Years of practice.”

“Yeah, and making us do all the work.”

“I don’t make you do anything.”

“Yes you do.”


I needed some time to chillax after we finally trained them all up.¬† So I called Ira and asked him to meet me at the festival.¬† I didn’t want to go alone.


There was a witch at the kissing booth.  I knew because she kept blowing those light bubbles.

“Hey, honey, want to try me?” she said.

I pretended not to hear her.¬† I’ve never kissed in my life.


“I dare you to plant one on that chick.”


“Fine, but if I do you gotta kiss the guy over there.”


“All’s fair in love, Uncle.¬† You kiss him, I kiss her.”



“Wow.¬† For a rookie you sure know how to do a pecker.”


I blushed.¬† “H-how did you know?”

“It was written all over your face, oh niece.”

“Shut up.”


She laughed.¬† “I didn’t mind, hon.¬† Look, let’s exchange digits.¬† I’ve some friends I think you’d like to meet.”

“Are you setting me up?”

“No.¬† I just think we’d have fun.¬† I’m Tallah, by the way.¬† Tallah Miller.”

This was exactly the sort of thing I’d been looking for.¬† I needed to get out and about if I ever hoped to meet anybody.¬† We traded numbers.


The guy at the other kissing booth had left, so I challenged Ira to an egg hunt.

“How do you keep finding them?¬† I’m the vampire, I have super night vision!”

“Yeah, and I’m the Easter bunny.”

“I’ll prove it!”


“Oh, look an e-EWW, doo-doo!”

“You’ll never be a heartbreaker if you say stuff like ‘doo-doo’!”

“Oh, and you will?”


“Thanks, Ira, it was really fun to get out and about.”

“I’m here for you, you know.¬† You gonna call her?”

“Maybe.¬† If you use lines like that, you’ll get girls faster.”

“It’s not a line, I mean it.”

“And that’s why I can’t believe you want to be a heartbreaker.”


“I don’t really, but I gotta prove myself.”

“What do you mean?”

“Tasia thinks I’m a girly guy who should only date other guys.¬† I like girls, though.¬† So I’m gonna prove to her that I’m actually very much a guy.¬† Real guys go around breaking people’s hearts.”

“…Uncle, that’s messed up.¬† There’s plenty of guys out there who never hurt a girl in their lives.”

“Nevertheless, I gotta prove it to Tasia.¬† She’s my twin.”

“I have an older brother and I never had to prove anything to him.”

“Like I said, she’s my twin.”


“Did you have fun, Holly?”


“Would you maybe want to move in with Ira and Tasia?”


“Why not?”

“I don’t want to see my uncle tearing up other women’s love for him just cause of some weird fixation.”


I got a text from the Tallah girl, asking if I wanted to come over for a party the next¬†night.¬† I said yes.¬† Why not?¬† Maybe there’d be¬†some guys there.


The house was dark when I arrived.¬† I almost turned around and went home.¬† But I’m a witch, and I’m not a scaredy-cat.¬† So I marched inside as though I owned the place.


“Hi, there, dahling.¬† You must be the famous Holly.¬† I’m Shondra.”


“Famous?”¬† I blushed.¬† “I’m not famous.¬† You want my grandmother for that.”

“Don’t be silly.¬† Your grandmother’s fame is fleeting.¬† In a few years no one will remember her name.”


“But we’ll remember yours for the rest of our lives, cause Tallah won’t shut up about you.”


“I said one thing!”

“One?¬† All you’ve done is natter on about how cute she is.”

“Shut your mouth, Barney, or I’ll shut it for you.”

“Oooh, scary.”


“You’ve been talking about me?¬† Why?¬† I’m not that interesting…”

“On the contraire, Holly, you are very interesting.¬† Tallah doesn’t get excited about just anybody.”

“I have a meat cleaver here.”


“Aww, chill, Tally.¬† You know we’re just teasing.”

“Teasing ain’t funny.”

“Maybe not to you but it is to us!”


I had a lot of trouble keeping my eyes off Tallah.¬† It was because she’d been gossiping about me.¬† Why?¬† I really wasn’t that interesting, nor had our encounter been.¬† It wasn’t like I’d French-kissed her, or tried to get her naked.¬† It wasn’t even as though Ira had kissed her.¬† That would have got me talking…not that I would, seeing as he was my uncle.

My ruminations were halted when Shondra invited me to dance.


“Girl, you dance like a meatless chicken.”

“You dance like a rampaging polar bear.”

“I’m a lioness!”


I kept glancing at Barney and Tallah.  I wondered if they were a couple.


“Chicky, I know your eyes ain’t on me.¬† Why don’t you just ask her to dance?”

“Tallah?¬† I ain’t interested in her.”

“You sure?¬† The way you’ve been eyeballing…”

“I don’t even know you and I want to smack you.”


“Can I cut in?”



Barney was too big to be playing the girl, but I let him.  He was so cute when he laughed.


“So…are you really a lesbian?”


“That’s what I thought.¬† You’ve been eyeing me all night.”


I hadn’t, but he didn’t need to know that.¬† I liked the feel of his hands on me too much to draw him away with my words.¬† “So what if I was?” I asked in a voice I hoped sounded coy.

“Well, how would you like see more of me?”

I blushed to the roots of my hair, but I’m sure he couldn’t tell.¬† Being red has its advantages.¬† But this was what I wanted, wasn’t it?¬† No need to feel like running.¬† “I’d like that.”


This kiss was different.¬† It was my second in less than two days, and it was…well, wet.¬† But also intense.


“Oh, don’t mind me, honies.¬† I’ll just go sleep on the floor, shall I?”


I felt a fleeting sense of guilt which I hardly noticed when Barney and I were alone again.


After, I just lay there with a smile on my face, replaying it over and over.¬† Who would have thought I’d see so many firsts I’d been dreaming of for so long?

“Can we see each other again?” I asked.


It was then that I came to my senses.¬† I was in a stranger’s bed, I hadn’t told my Gran where I was going, and something twisted in my stomach when he didn’t give me a straight-up yes.¬† I left the room.


“I know what you two were doing in there.”¬† For¬†some reason Tallah’d got dressed again.¬† I couldn’t think why.

“And?” I said.


“I invited you to this party so I could get to know you, not so you could do that with one of my coven.¬† I thought you were special, Holly.¬† But you’re just like every other girl Barney’s ever met.¬† He picks them up and throws them away.¬† They think they’re on a wild ride, until they hit the ground.”


For some reason, I felt like crying.¬† “I’m sorry,” I said, not sure what I was apologizing for, but knowing that if I didn’t say it¬†I’d regret it for the rest of my life.


Over in the corner, Shondra snored.



I almost didn’t catch her response.¬† “I’m sorry too.¬† I should have…”

I didn’t hear the finish.


“Where were you?¬† I thought A…he¬†had taken you, or you’d finally skipped town.”

“I’m sorry,” I said again.¬† “I was…out.”

“Out doing what at this hour?”


“You’re not my mother.”

“Sorry.¬† I’d just like to know.”

“I was at a party, all right?”

“Oh.¬† Was it fun?”

“Why do grown-ups always have to ask that?”