So…apparently I forgot about a couple of kids

I was going through my saved sims on my desktop and noticed a couple of unfamiliar Sims with the last name of Queen.  I must have had Elena have kids with the last man featured on this blog and completely forgotten about them.  So here’s a very late peek.




😛 Those poor things have been sitting on my hard drive for a year.

Also, I just looked in my saved media on this blog and I only have a picture of Misty…oops.

In related news, I bought University Life and Into the Future with Christmas money and plan to get Generations too, so more of that stuff will be showing up in the story I’m sure. Which reminds me, I really must get Elena together with a mermaid since I have Island Paradise.

All this is to say I’ll probably be starting up the BC again soon. 🙂

6 thoughts on “So…apparently I forgot about a couple of kids

  1. Those poor dusty sims lol It’s time to brush them off.
    That’s cool that you got UL and ITF now. UL can be fun with the random streaking, selfie pics, keg stand fails and just sending a sim to school. I haven’t explored much with ITF. I’ve sent some sims to the future world but I didn’t do much there. One day I’ll take the time to explore things. So is Gen the last EP to get?

    • Yes, Generations is probably the last one I’ll get. My sister has WA and Showtime (which are also on my computers). Late Night would be the only one i don’t have access to, but it’s never interested me as much as the others

  2. Stumbled across this recently! Hope you’re doing well! So close to completing the BC… but I imagine university was/is gruelling! 🙂

    • Sorry for the late response! I really haven’t logged in to my blog in quite a while so I didn’t realize I had any new comments. Yes, I am doing well, just enjoying my summer. I hope you’re doing well as well. I don’t know if I will continue the BC. It’s been so long and my laptop crashed the last time I tried to open TS3. That might have had something to do with out of date mods (it usually does). School was exhausting in more ways than one, but I am now finished with school completely! 🙂

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