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Extension of hiatus

So, I’m back home for the weekend…

And there’s no way I’m taking Sims back to school with me.  I’ve been way more productive without them, and I don’t even want to work on them right now.  I have pictures I could post for Hive, but I don’t want to.

So yep, just a mini-update on how things stand.

I will probably post the pictures at some point, since they do relate to Borage and Elena’s little tryst.  But…eh, I’ve just lost my mojo.  For all I care, Borage’s an alternate universe Borage with no impact on the real Borage’s story.  Whatever floats the boat.


As you guys are probably sick of hearing by now – I am going to university tomorrow and will not have access to my Sims.  This is actually truer than I thought it would be at first.  My laptop, which was supposed to have arrived yesterday, didn’t.  There were a bunch of bureaucratic screw-ups, but the point is I’m not getting it by tomorrow.  I may or may not have my dad’s laptop with me.

I do have pics for a last chapter of Hive and a last chapter of Crime, though. c:  I’m still working on the pics for the Crime chapter, but the Hive ones are pretty much done and most are uploaded to the site.  I might have access to a computer, so a last update to both blogs might happen sometime this week or next week (I’m not pinning it down because who knows with my schedule.

As far as how long the hiatus will go – it may only be until early September.  I’m flying home for my aunt’s baby shower the weekend of Labor Day, so I will be able to download my games onto Origin at that time and move my data and so on.  (Also, I’m almost guaranteed to have my new laptop by that point. :D)  As it is, though, I’m really looking forward to two weeks without Sims. 😛  I don’t hate Sims by any means but I want to do my university thang.  That’s all assuming I can handle gaming, homework, social events, and the classes themselves.  If I do resume updating my blogs after Labor Day, please kick my butt if I’m updating multiple times a week, because I should be doing other things. XD

All this does not mean I won’t be reading other people’s blogs and be on tumblr.  I will still be on tumblr liking posts and reading other people’s stories – because I’ll have my Kindle.  I just may not reply much. 🙂