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Don’t Worry, I’m not Dead :)

So Nay commented earlier today that it’s been a while since I last posted, so I thought I’d drop a line in case anyone else’s curious about what’s going on.

I haven’t been working on either this or my other blogs because I’ve been busy.   When I posted the most frequently on this blog, I was also a community college student.  It was hardly the busiest time of my life.  Now that I’m at tech school, I have to feed myself, remember to do my own homework, get out of my room so I don’t go mad with solitary confinement, etc.

Also, i just haven’t been that interested in the Sims in a while.  Every time I thought about opening up my game this summer, I thought, “Nah.  There’s a whole bunch of things I’d rather be doing.”

I might still wind up finishing this.  Last night, I was reading through some of my old posts.  (The Bael and Elena era, if you’re curious. 😛 )  It made me hugely nostalgic.  I’m not saying I’ll bring Bael back – partially because I can’t.  Lillah and I had a very specific plan in mind for him and it was basically to break his and Elena’s poor little hearts.  hehe  However, I have always wanted to give Elena an ending to her story.  I have imagined a couple different ways this challenge ends, and I’m still not sure how I would wind up finishing it.

So, right now I’m just more focused on college than on Simming.  Nothing to be alarmed about. 🙂