About MewmewMentor

Username: MewmewMentor

Reason for it: Back when I first got the base game, I created a founder called Mew Mewmew.

 photo Screenshot-472_zps17b79c05.jpg

I based her name on Mew from Pokemon.  From Mew sprouted a family that lasted seven long generations.  So when I was finally signing up to the Sims 3 forums, I picked Mewmew because I was very attached to the family.  🙂  And Mentor because…well, I was their mentor.  😛

Real Name: Chloe

Gender: Female

Age: Young Adult

Occupation: College Student – I’m currently in university.

Location: It varies.  Currently I live on the East Coast of the States during semesters and in the Midwest during break.

Pets: Guinea pigs Tiny and Sunny.  Tiny recently passed away. I love him forever.  ❤

 photo TinyandSunny_zps394c0797.jpg

We then got a new guinea pig named Oreo who is Sunny’s new buddy. 🙂


Dream Job: Author.  I love writing.  I’ve tried several times to create a story legacy, but it just doesn’t work out for me.  I think Sims and writing are just hard for me to mesh together.  So I do captioned picture stories instead, as you know, Bob. 😛

Random Things I’m a Fan of: Once Upon a Time, Castle, Big Bang Theory, Avatar: the Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, books in general, movies in general, harassing my siblings, taking pictures, writing, pizza, chocolate, warm sunny days, procrastination, the Just Dance games, American Sign Language

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