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86. Home Sweet Home

A/N: I won’t be updating again until, at the earliest, August 5. I’m on another vacation..  So here’s an extra-long post to tide ya’ll over. 😀

All the older children aged up the day I got back. Yes, I realize Bunny was wearing a skimpy nightgown. At least it wasn’t her underwear.

Kitten looked surprised to see the sparkles. I half-expected them to enter her open mouth.

Bunny joined the local business company with hopes to become CEO. I wonder how her older brother Benjy will take that. He wants to be the same thing!

I wish Kitten hadn’t straightened her curls. She looked adorable with them. She wanted to be a Tinkerer, which isn’t really a job, just a hobby. So I told her she had to get a real job and she decided to be a teacher. I guess she didn’t get her fill of kids yet.

I let the triplets enjoy the ourdoors for a bit while I said hello to Sonset. I’d missed him, but I couldn’t exactly have fit a horse on the plane. I don’t have a bag big enough.

“Hi, Raven,” I said to my little sweetheart. “You ready to grow up for Mommy?”

“Why?” she asked.

“Because Mommy doesn’t have enough beds for five toddlers.”

“Colin and me only babies!”

“No, honey. You have three new sisters.”

“I sparkle for Mommy,” she said.

“That’s my girl.”

I really love Raven’s colors. I just wish she didn’t resemble the Empress of Evil so strongly. Maybe I should pay more attention to the donors I pick.

“Why I sparkle?” Colin asked.

“Sorry, but you’ve got to grow up like your sister Raven,” I said.

He didn’t seem to mind as much as Raven. Look at that little smile!

When Cricket got home from school, he spun on the spot like a ballerina. Or he hopped like a cricket. Whichever.

I do hope he can see through that tangle. I’m not letting him get out of homework because his hair is in his eyes. That’s no excuse. At least ‘my dog ate my homework’ works because of Curly.

Firefly didn’t look like she entirely understood what a ‘fish’ was, but I clapped anyway. I just don’t want her to think it’s Curly. Curly would sooner eat fish than be one.

I got Cricket teaching Dragonfly after I told him it was probably easier than high school homework.

“Yeah, right,” Raven said. I wasn’t sure if she was talking to the bear or me.

Firefly ran into my arms as Colin shouted, “Run, Goldilocks, run!” and Butterfly looked on in interest. When I smiled at Colin, he held up his horse in my face and said he was rooting for it to win the race. Sure you were, Colin.

Dragonfly too was a runner, and I was pretty sure Cricket attributed that to his expert teaching. Me, I think she was scared off by Raven, who was threatening her doll with beheading if it didn’t kiss the bear.

“Hello,” said Emmett.

“Hi, Emmett,” I said.. “Bunny and Kitten moved in with Katniss and Rue.”

“Two sets of twins in one house, huh?” he said. “What’s that, quadruple the trouble?”

“Yeah,” I said.

“Does your husband know about the newest kids?” he asked.

“Of course,” I lied. “We planned for them before he left.”

“Oh,” said Emmett, who sounded more than a little disappointed. “Well, I’ll just be upstairs then.”

Emmett was making it hard to be civil and think civil thoughts. Why did my love life have to matter so much to him?

And why hadn’t I told Cam yet?

I was distracted.  When Colin thought I wasn’t looking, I heard him start playing peek-a-boo with Firefly. I knew that boy has a soft spot in his heart. More than one.

For the most part, I really wasn’t watching. I had to teach Butterfly the art of making money so she and her sisters won’t starve when they move out.

Butterfly didn’t have the scare or cheering section her sisters did, so she wasn’t running, hopping, or even trying. Looks like she’s more than happy with third place.

85. Fly on the Wall

“Don’t you say anything, Dad!” I said when he approached me again. “You know perfectly well that I don’t care what you say, so why bother saying anything? I will not allow you to diss me, or my baby, or George, or anything! So just keep your trap shut!”

He opened his mouth anyways, but fortunately we were interrupted by Rick.

“Hey, there, little one,” Rick said.  “I’m your granddaddy.  I can’t wait to meet you!”

“Thank you, Mr. MacCauley,” I said.  My newest child would at least have one grandfather who liked it.

My mother didn’t entirely approve of what I’d done, but she was trying to keep things on peaceful terms, so she never spoke about it. And she didn’t hate on the baby for my actions, so I was thankful for that.

We weren’t spending all our time thinking about the baby.  The whole house had been attacked by the meteors that killed George, so we had to clean up the leftover soot, meteor fragments, and general fire damage.  We left the meteors lying around the yard alone for the moment.  They were Rick’s to sell or keep.

Dad was the only one who didn’t panick when I went into labor.  He just ignored me.  At least he didn’t start yelling at me again.  I would probably have hit him if he had.

George turned up at the hospital and scared the bejeezus out of several of the doctors.  For some reason, this person who was walking past didn’t seem fazed.

George had heard rumors that ghosts who had babies with human Sims might have ghost children.  I thought it was probably just rumor, because our triplets were all opaque, normal girls.

I decided to age them up a day early – I wanted to get back to my other kids before they blew the house up.  Firefly was the firstborn and the one I was holding.

She got her blonde hair from her grandmother Mrs. MacCauley, who had been dead since George was a child.

I missed Dragonfly sparkling in her bundle of blankets, so here she is after.  Of course I put a shirt on her.  She was the one held by George.

She looks so much like her father did when he was alive.  For comparison – Rick MacCauley looks almost exactly like his son, but older.

Our third burst from her cocoon like a literal Butterfly.  I couldn’t have named her more aptly if I tried.

See?  She really is a Butterfly.

I am more glad than ever that I didn’t say no to George.  I can’t imagine not having my three beautiful girls.  Cameron will just have to live with that.