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*yawn* Time for a Break

Normally I would just put this at the start of another chapter, but there won’t be another chapter for a coupla weeks. I’m going out of town until August 4th and am not going to be able to Sim till I get back.   I was going to play today but didn’t feel like it so took a couple more posed family shots instead.  You can check them out on the downloads page. 😀 (You may notice the downloads page is missing links.  If you need a kid that isn’t currently linked, just comment and I’ll get it to you.)

I still plan to get to the end of the BC when I get back. It may very well be a down-to-the-wire thing, but I am determined and will persevere!

179. I Dream of You

A/N: Some very mild nudity in this chapter. Nothing to worry about, really. And I’m not referring to Haoupe, lol.


What is it with Haoupe and her public displays of her bra?!


That girl was just lucky I was busy.


Haoupe has aspirations to be a Descendant of da Vinci.  My girl is nothing if not ambitious.  At least this ambition is productive…provided her idea of being related to da Vinci has nothing to do with working with minimal clothing in public.


It’s lucky she moved out that night – she won’t have a chance to influence her younger sister Cinderella.


Or Mulan.


Or Snow White.


Or Belle.


With so many kids, it was inevitable that they were a little bit neglected as far as a soft mattress.

My Cinderella, unlike the movie princess, didn’t need extra sleep.  She was the most active.


Eric helped make sure they weren’t neglected in other ways while I recovered.


“Seriously, Mom?  Quads?”

“You act like it’s my fault there’s four of them.”

“Maybe it is.”

“Hey!  I don’t have control over that part!  Do you really think if I did I’d actually wish for quads?”

“I dunno, do I?  You are the one who wants 100 kids.  Remind me again why that is?”

“Because I do.”


“Well, suppose I’d better get cracking then.”

“What are you doing?”

“Can’t you hear the screaming?”


“Really, though, can you just tell me this?”


“What will you do when you have had 100 kids?  I mean, what’s the point of all of us?  Will you start collecting puppies next?”


“You know that’s not why I do this.  You all are not a collection to me.”

“I never said we were.  And you didn’t answer the question.”

“I don’t know, Ziharia.  I…I haven’t really thought about it all that much.”

“Well, maybe you should.  Aren’t you up to 87 kids now?”



What she’d said struck me deeper than she knew, though.  Was I really planning on spending the rest of my life trucking from one child to the next, meeting my grandchildren and great-grandchildren but never really feeling like I fit in anywhere?  I had close to forever in which to do that in – at least, it felt like forever from where I stood.



I didn’t really have a lot of time to ruminate, though.  Helios and Artemis aged up.


“You handsome,” said Ariel.

“Uhhh, thanks sis?”

“Welcome.  Play fetch?”



“Come on, Snow,” said Artemis.  “I can’t stop until you understand every word I say!  Absolutely every word!  And you must be able to repeat everything back to me!”

“Art…act like your namesake,” I said.


“The moon is cold, yes?  Chill.”




“That’s it!  I can’t work under these conditions!  I’m sorry Snow White’s entire life will be ruined because of me, but I can’t!”

“It’s all right – ”

“No, it’s not all right!  She should be perfect, but all this noise – ”

Artemis Queen, chill the bellsugar out.  You think you’re stressed?”

“Easy!” said Belle.

“Yeah, your brother has an easy life.”


I did enjoy a little quiet time, but I paid more attention to my children than to any thoughts of the future.  The future could wait for the moment.


But when I had no one to hold, I realized a hard truth that I’d known for a long time but had put off with even more children.


They may be my little princesses right now.


But they always become queens.


My Ziharia resembled the planet she was named for in its field of stars.


Pluto and Ziharia are planning to rock a duo together.  They call themselves the Big Bang.  Um…I think there’s already a scientific theory and a TV show called that – are they sure they’ll be able to make a name for themselves?


That’s another thing.  Though I see my children with my real eyes and inner eye…


…I don’t spend as much time with them as I’d like to.  In the words of Bilbo Baggins: “I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.


Even in my sleep, I felt my melancholy.  I tossed and turned…


“You are the most beautifully exquisite creature to ever walk this earth, Mrs. Young.”

“Mrs. Young?”

“I know!  I’m not used to it yet either!  I mean, Mr. Queen?  Really?”

“You make a pretty handsome prince, though, Mr. Queen.”


“What are you doing with my Ellie?”

Screenshot-143Your Ellie?”

“Yeah, my Ellie!”

“Elena, tell this invader to go away so we can get back to us!”


“Ehehehe.”  This feels like a chapter of Twilight!



“Oh, I was just thinking about how I’m the last person you two should be fighting over.  I pushed you both away!  You shouldn’t want anything to do with me anymore!”


“But isn’t that what you want?”

“What do you mean?”

“You want one of us.  That’s what’s missing, Ellie.”


“Cam…I told you…”

“You told me your challenge is more important to you than me.  But what about when all that’s over?  What will be left for you then?”


“Be honest with me.  Was the challenge really more important to you?”


“You know it is.”

“You’re still not being honest.”

“Why should I?  This is just a dream.”

“So you’re talking to yourself.  Tell me.”

“I never meant it.  I just knew I’m not good for you…that you need to move on.  And I need to move on from you.  I said it to make you hate me.”


“I don’t hate you.”

“You’re just saying that.”

But this was wrong.  I knew it.


I had pushed my own happily ever after away a long time ago.

I would be lonely.


A/N: Of course I had to speak too soon in regards to number-crunching.  x)  Due to the quads, I decided to change the order of things around a bit. I have certain plans for certain dads, some that have yet to be made, and so I will go ahead with the plans for those fathers.  What this means is that the donated dads with no plots are going to be taking a backseat for a while.  My priority is the fathers that I have planned for, including one I’m borrowing from another story. c:

Oh, and that was purely a dream.  Absolutely no supernatural elements involved this time. 😉