Don’t Worry, I’m not Dead :)

So Nay commented earlier today that it’s been a while since I last posted, so I thought I’d drop a line in case anyone else’s curious about what’s going on.

I haven’t been working on either this or my other blogs because I’ve been busy.   When I posted the most frequently on this blog, I was also a community college student.  It was hardly the busiest time of my life.  Now that I’m at tech school, I have to feed myself, remember to do my own homework, get out of my room so I don’t go mad with solitary confinement, etc.

Also, i just haven’t been that interested in the Sims in a while.  Every time I thought about opening up my game this summer, I thought, “Nah.  There’s a whole bunch of things I’d rather be doing.”

I might still wind up finishing this.  Last night, I was reading through some of my old posts.  (The Bael and Elena era, if you’re curious. 😛 )  It made me hugely nostalgic.  I’m not saying I’ll bring Bael back – partially because I can’t.  Lillah and I had a very specific plan in mind for him and it was basically to break his and Elena’s poor little hearts.  hehe  However, I have always wanted to give Elena an ending to her story.  I have imagined a couple different ways this challenge ends, and I’m still not sure how I would wind up finishing it.

So, right now I’m just more focused on college than on Simming.  Nothing to be alarmed about. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Don’t Worry, I’m not Dead :)

  1. I do hope you’ll get around to finishing this up. You’re so close to the finish line. I figure we wouldn’t see much of you during the school year but possibly in the summer. I was hoping by then, the twins between Elena & Borage would be YA’s and I could possibly fit them a chapter in LFTL. I see that didn’t happen lol. No big deal tho, I don’t think I will get to show any of the kids born outside of my game anyway.

    It’s good to know that you’re doing okay and focusing on school. School is more important of course :p When I go to my WP reader, I get all sad cause my favorite stories tellers aren’t posting (you being one of them), my reader feed just been so dead for ages. It’s just me, me, me, some random post about that stupid game (sims 4) UGH..I hate that game lol I have some hope some old writers will return but at this point, I doubt it. I think most had moved on 😦 I had started modding, I’ll still be around for a long while.

    Don’t be a stranger! :p

    • Well, this summer was stressful. I won’t go into details, but I’ll just say that when my family wasn’t out of town, we were dealing with one family emergency after another. So yeah.

      That’s understandable that you probably won’t be able to fit any of his kids outside games in.

      Wow, that must be lonely, seeing only yourself, lol. I never realized you could see your own feed in that thing. I’m not planning to get TS4 myself, but my little clueless brother wanted it at one point so he might wind up getting it and I might download it just to see what it’s all about. To be honest I don’t know why anyone switched over to TS4…from all I’ve heard TS3 is the best game EA has ever made. Even with all the bugs.

      Yeah, a few people might come back just to finish stories like I’m going to try to. Have you tried seeing if there’s any fresh stories coming from the less-known writers on the forums? I don’t know if you read Serin Deppity’s stuff but she’s still producing a lot of TS3 stories too. She actually started two new legacies about a month ago. I don’t know where she gets her energy from.

      Yeah, I tried getting hold of jb a little while ago but I don’t think I ever got a response either. I wonder if she was ever able to afford a computer – that might be why no one’s heard from her, because she has no internet access.

      • I could fit Borage’s outside kids into my Gen 3 stories but won’t be able to in his own story. But its whatever.. I’m sure I’ll figure something out in the meantime.

        Sorry to hear about your summer. Mine was okay but didn’t go as I planned. I wanted to meet some of my simmer friends in the Midwest area but ran into a money issue. I finally opened a bank acct recently to hold funds that I can’t easily spend, hopefully I can try again next summer.

        I found a few new stories to read but they aren’t updated that much. I’m not sure if you know but the sims 3 forums is set to read only. Yeah there’s a new forum but it succccccccks. The background is a blinding lime green and is too hard on my eyes. I left the forums for good.

        TS4 is missing a lot from the game IE toddlers and pools -_- Like seriously, EA??? EA took out a lot of fun from that game and replaced it with “emotions”. Since that crap came out, the forums and Tumblr has been in war. Simmers who switched to TS4 have their nose turned up towards anyone who still plays sims 3 & sims 2. I tried the ts4 CAS demo and hated it. I don’t find the whole claymation appealing. I think its dumb to drop 3 for 4 when there’s still so much left to do in 3. But its like “Oh new shiny thing. Must have!” I spent a lot of money on sims 3 and don’t want to start over with 4.

        I still haven’t heard from JB. She last emailed me back in Nov of last year. I think she said it would be about a year before she could get a new PC. It’s been almost a year. i just hope everything is okay. I remember she was the care giver of her parents.

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