About the Site & Game

Bzzz – uh, I mean, this is my Sims 3 blog! It’s all about my sim Elena Queen and her quest to raise 100 kids.  100 is a perfectly reasonable number to her, she thinks.

All pictures posted on this blog are property of Electronic Arts (EA), the makers of the Sims 3.  I do not take credit for the amazing artistic abilities of the graphics designers who make the Sims come to life.

To read the updates on Elena and her family, click here.

Here is the link to the rules for the 100 Baby Challenge.  I have a few additional guidelines I have for my own game.

1. Elena will occasionally be adopting babies who are not biologically hers.  This is not a way for me to cheat.  Any and all kids she adopts will be babies.  No children, only babies.  The adopted babies will also count towards the 100.

2. Each pregnancy will not always have a new male responsible.  Elena’s not just meeting men for the kids, she’s meeting men for themselves.

3. I will use Pollinate, a Master Controller mod feature, whenever I feel like it. This feature basically eliminates the need for woo-hoo to get pregnant.

4. I will use Master Controller, Master Controller Cheats, and other mods.  I also will use regular in-game cheats for whatever I need, whenever I need it.  I will not notify people when I do so.

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