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Taking a Break

So my main computer, the one I usually play the challenge on, apparently has a hard drive that’s in imminent danger of implosion (as in, my computer will crash if I use it too much).  So, until this is resolved, I am Simming on my laptop.  I have saved Elena and her current kids, everyone’s safe both on my laptop and on a flash drive.  But I am not playing them for a while.  I seriously just need a break.  I doubt this is goodbye, though, because I tend to go back to them after a while.  I will eventually get a new hard drive for the main computer, at which point I may resume playing, or I may just say to heck with it and play on my laptop.  But for the moment, nothing’s happening in the challenge, so therefore I have nothing to post about.

110. How the West Won

We had a bit of a problem getting Chris to age up on his birthday. Either he really didn’t want to grow up, or else werewolves can’t grow up when they’re in their wolf form. So we had to wait till he changed back the next morning. Poor kid was thoroughly confused as to why he was still a kid.

But he did grow up, into a person the Big Bad Wolf would have been happy to call his own.  My, what big ears you have…

“Hope you’re not planning on pulling that birthday stunt again,” I said.  “We were about to get you to the hospital – thought there was something wrong with you.”

“I didn’t mean to,” said Chris.  “I don’t know what happened.”

“Okay, but tell your inner wolf he can’t be the boss of you anymore.”

“I’ll think about it.”

Jerome clearly has that penchant for eating doll heads that Cam swears his sister started.  Me, I think all babies face this temptation on a regular basis.

“Blocks better,” said Anna.  “Yummy.”

See?  They’re teething, they can’t help themselves.

Looks like Chris’s talk with his wolf-self didn’t go over well.  He looks pretty angry.  And where did all his hair go?  Don’t werewolves get more hair, not less?

Sonset seemed pretty calm about being groomed by a transformed Chris.  At least one animal likes Chris.  Curly’s pretty aggressive towards him.

Next morning was birthday time for the twins.

“Oy!” said Cameron to the dishwasher repairman.  “Budge over!  We didn’t hire you to stand in front of the cake!”

I don’t know what he was complaining about.  The repairman had left plenty of space, but Cam kept grumbling anyways.

Anna is clearly a fan of the Wild West.  Not sure how that happened, but she looks cute.

She and Jerome seem to have this fixation on cowboys that I knew nothing about before.  I thought I was pretty omniscient.  The eyes in the back of my head must need updates.

I spent some time strumming to the baby in my belly.  They say music makes babies smarter.  I just hope my music doesn’t create a Dr. Frankenstein.  I’d rather have a stupid kid than someone who makes a monster and then abandons it.

Then Cam and I did some square-dancing.  Yee-haw!  Okay, okay, so Anna and Jerome probably picked the West thing up from us.  Oops.

“Cam, what have I said about panicking?” I said.

“I’m not panicking.  I’m, er, blowing my nose.  I never knew I could wipe my nose on my shoulder.”

We passed my son Corey and my son-in-law Tommy Reaper on the way into the hospital.  I’d like to think they came just to see me, but I’m sure they had no idea I was coming in today at exactly this time.  Corey makes a point of avoiding me.

Our newest daughter is named Zoey, after my best friend Zoey Sky, who also happens to be Cameron’s aunt.