187. Mother and Daughter, Tomb Raiders


It was so hot we decided go swimming before doing anything else in Egypt.

Evangeline had asked for my help with getting into the tomb near our camp.  We went in search of an expert that was rumored to know how to get into the tombs, but he wouldn’t tell us anything. Eva looked like she was ready to have some ‘words’ with him, but I pulled her aside before she could get more than a syllable out.

“Why don’t we go check out the tomb again? Maybe there’s something you didn’t see the first time down there.”

“I guess. But there wasn’t much to see. I think I would’ve noticed something we missed.”

“All the same. Never hurts to have a fresh pair of eyes.”

“If it doesn’t work, can I scare him into telling?”

“…We’ll see.”

“I guess we did miss something.  Don’t tell Tia about this, though.  I’m supposed to be the best explorer ever!”

“Your secret’s safe with me.”

I pushed the moon-shaped rock thingie I’d found in the chest into an impression that looked exactly like the rock thingie.  It was better than hammering at the lock with my bare hands, at least.
The chains, to my surprise, fell off the lock and we stepped into another room, Eva using her genie glow to light the way.

“Oooh, I know what to do, Mom!” Eva said, pointing to the footprints in the stone.  “There must be another door from here and we can only access it by standing on that!”

“How do you know that?”

“I’m an explorer, duh!  It’s what I do.”

“Aaach!  I wish I’d gone with Mom and Eva!”

“It’s not so bad.  Feels nice after the summer heat.”

“You’re crazy, mister!  I’m going inside!”

“Good thing we’re down here,” I commented as we stood on the stone together.  “Your sister’s getting rained on.”

“How d’you know?”

“I always know what’s up with you kids.”

The next room didn’t appear to have access to anywhere else, and the only interesting thing we found was a skeleton.  Eva whipped out a snack and started eating while staring at the skeleton.

“Ugh, I couldn’t do that,” I said.


“Eat while looking at the dead.  I feel sick just watching you.”

“It’s just a pile of bones,” Eva said, rolling her eyes.  “I was just wondering how it died.  Seems pretty safe down here.  Too safe.  It’s almost boring.”

“Maybe there’s more to it.”

“Like what?”

“Oh, I don’t know.”  We spent some time exploring the newest room, but couldn’t find any way to get further into the tomb, if there was even a way in further.  This could just be a tourist trap built for cheap thrills.

I could tell Evangeline was frustrated.  “Why don’t we come back tomorrow?  It’s stopped raining now.  Maybe a good night’s sleep is all we need to find what we’re missing.”

“Okay.  Whatever that is.”

Back at camp, I ran into Mid-Life Crisis again.  “How was the exploring?” he asked.

“Saw a couple of dead skeletons, but not much else.”

“Oh?  Well, at least they weren’t mummies.  I’ve heard people run into those sometimes.”

“Mummies, huh?  We’ll have to keep an eye out for those.”  I snorted.  “Eva would be thrilled to meet a mummy.  She’s got a bit of a creepy streak.”

“Geeesh.  You know, I’m standing right here.  I just like cool stuff, that’s all.  Monsters are pretty awesome.  Now can you two move your butts?  I want to go to bed.”

“Right, sorry honey.”  I pulled Mid-Life Crisis aside and let her enter the tent.  I could hear Tia already asleep in there.


We quickly found that talking wasn’t really what either of us had in mind for our night’s entertainment. So we retreated to a different tent.

16 thoughts on “187. Mother and Daughter, Tomb Raiders

    • Yah, they are. 😛 Also, I’m showing off their other traits. In Eva’s case, she’s also adventurous and excitable. And Tia is neurotic and friendly.

      Yeah, they’re her only kids at home at the moment. Right before they were born the princess quads moved out…I think? It’s been a while since I played the game last, but I’m pretty sure Borage and Elena only met up after her other kids had moved out. I’m taking things slower and not overloading the house as much (because I haven’t felt like playing much. :P) I’m having more fun with just the two of them than if I had a whole bunch of other kids around too.

  1. I was wondering the same things as Llilah. I was getting the impression that the twins were the only kids Elena had. I bet things are a whole lot easier with just 2 kids at the moment. It’s good to see their personalities shine. I can’t wait til I have a small household once again.. I want Borage’s older kids out, 1 down and 3 to go.

    I giggled at Eva having a snack while staring at a skeleton, maybe she should of offered him a bite since he’s looking kinda skinny LOL. I’m like Eva a little, I’ll have dinner while watching horror movies, even the gorey ones. It doesn’t bother me haha.

    • hahaha I just had to include that scene with the skeleton. Later on she did the evil hands while staring at Elena’s pregnant belly, but I missed that screenie opportunity unfortunately. Oh well, it was funny to watch.

      I’m the same way – watching or reading about gory stuff isn’t that bad. I have a pretty strong stomach, but I knew someone who would get queasy at any disgusting topic while eating, which got annoying because she would complain about it whenever she felt queasy. I figured she should’ve just stopped watching or reading and ignored it.

      Yeah, I’m going to link that post from August in my next post in case anyone else is confused. It’s been a while so even I was having some trouble remembering. x)

  2. Just had a few months away from the Internet and am glad to see this is still going on! 🙂 I love Tia and Eva… hopefully, they won’t wind up being as bad as my poor, misunderstood Aston… 😀

    • Hah! I’ll have you know I’ve had plenty of kids with the evil trait in my game, it’s only Aston who ever committed murder. Unless I have a huge change of heart, Tia and Eva won’t be committing murder at least. 😛 Who knows what else they’ll get up to, though. (No, really, I don’t know.)

      Yeah, it’s still going on…sorta. I have pictures enough for two more posts (which will be posted when I feel like it and have the time.) But after that posts will probably not resume in earnest until spring or summer break. I have other things I’d rather be doing on my weekends home than Simming.

      • Evil Sims are great! 😀 One of my favourite traits to play.

        Can’t blame you for using your weekend breaks for other things – I’m much the same currently! Work has picked up pace so much that I’m likely not going to get chance to Sim until I buy Sims 4! 😦

      • Yeah, it’s a fun trait, especially when they go all evil hands and just happen to be looking at something funny. Eva was standing in front of her pregnant mom and she did evil hands and I reeeally wished I’d screenied that because I could just imagine what was running through her head haha.

        Yeah, lol. Sims is waaay too time-consuming and sometimes not all that fun when I’m constantly waiting for them to finish something I find boring – which is more times than it should be for a game. Storytelling has kept the game from getting shoved somewhere in the back of my closet never to see again – I would’ve stopped playing it years ago if I wasn’t writing blogs about it. I really enjoy the storytelling aspects though so it’s not like it’s a chore for me. XD I probably won’t be getting TS4 unless someone gets it for me as a present.

    • Wow, I saw your comment this morning and realized you posted only a few hours after I was sitting on this blog reading through some of my old posts, lol. I was hunting down some poses for someone who needed them. I’m just fine, actually, just busy.

      • I’m always posting something. Super active LOL
        That’s good to know that you’re okay and all. This morning I was trying to track down ones whom I haven’t seen anything from in a long while. I sent JB an email, so far no reply yet 😦 I hope she’s doing okay.

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