Archive | September 2016

Probably not continuing this

So I’ve received a couple of comments on this blog over the past few months because apparently people are still finding this little story and enjoying it. 🙂 Which is great, that’s why I left the blog up instead of just deleting it.

However, I most likely will not be continuing this story. At this point I have little to no interest in Simming outside of my own entertainment. So yea, I’m mostly just leaving this up as a relic and in case anyone happens to find what does exist enjoyable.

I had a feeling for a long time I probably wouldn’t finish this. Ever since I went away to university I had a huge decrease in interest in Simming, since taking care of myself requires a great deal of time and effort, with little left over for games. I have other interests I would rather pursue, especially as I have finally graduated from college and my time is my own again. I need to get a job, for a start. 😛

So yea, just don’t expect anything new for this blog.