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73. A Bunch of Hello’s

“Hello, sunshine,” Cam said to Kitten.

She looked up at him and said nothing.

“Hello, moonshine,” I said to Bunny.

She blinked.  “Hello,” she said back.

“Kit, guess what?” Cam said.  “Your sister’s beating you in the race to learn.”

“I learn!” said Kitten.

“Yes, but not fast enough,” said Cam.

“Oy, you’re not going to win just sitting there!”

“Why do you get him?” Bilbo asked Vasilisa.

“Cause he likes me better, that’s why.  Don’t you, boy?  Yes, you do, yes you do.”

“Don’t rub it in,” Bilbo grumbled.

“Hi, Kay,” I said at the library.  He’d called because he wanted to make sure I’d had the twins successfully.  “So, this is Bunny.  Bunny, this is Kay.”

“H-hi th-there,” said Kay.

“Say hi, Bunny.”

“Hi,” said Bunny.

“S-so, um-um, I s-see sh-she a-appears h-healthy,” said Kay.  “Is-is her tw-twin th-the same?”

“Well, they’re both healthy,” said I.  “But in looks, Kitten looks more like me.”

“I-I un-under-st-stand,” he said.  “S-so they-they ar-are fr-fraternal.”  He rubbed his head.  “Ar-are you st-still tr-trying t-to h-have a hu-hundred k-kids?”

“That’s the plan, yeah,” I said.

“I-I-I m-may h-ha-have a-an-another m-m-m-male wh-who can, um, ins-ins-inseminate y-y-you.  If-if yo-you wou-would l-l-like, tha-that i-is.”

“Who, you?”

“N-no!” he exclaimed.  “H-h-he is, um, an al-alien.”

He led me into the library and pointed.

“Tha-that’s hi-him. H-hi-his n-name i-is S-Seven P-Pollination.”

“He looks like a Berry,” I commented.

“He-he i-is n-not!  He-he i-is an al-alien!”  Kay seemed very sure of that.

“If you say so,” I said.

“S-so d-do y-you um…” Kay said, then trailed off.

“Want his kids?  Sure.”

“All-all r-right.  Um, Ja-Jacob w-would l-like to m-meet h-her.  He-he’s ov-over th-there.”

“Oh, hello, Elena! And who’s this?”

“This is Bunny, your, um, daughter.”

“My daughter!” Jacob said, and I loved the look on his face. If he hadn’t been gay and married, I would have dated him just for that. His chest would have helped his case. I had no idea why he was running around half-clothed, but he sure looked good.

“Can I, do you think, would it be all right if I held her?” he asked.

“Sure,” I said.

“Hi,” said Jacob.

“Hi,” said Bunny.  “Who you?”

“I’m your dad,” said Jacob.

“No, I have daddy.  You not him.”

Jacob looked crestfallen for a moment.  “Well, I’m your other daddy,” he explained.

“I got two daddies?” she asked.


“Kay said she’s a twin.  Can I, can I come meet the other one?”

“Of course!” I said.  I really liked Jacob Danning.  He was a sweetheart.

“You mean!” said Kitten as she giggled.

“Yes, I’m the big mean monster,” said Jacob.

“Who are you?” Bilbo asked.

“I’m Bunny and Kitten’s biological father,” Jacob explained.

“Oh,” said Bilbo.  “Are you my other dad too?”

“I’m sorry, but no,” said Jacob.

“Excuse me, but who are you and what are you doing in this house?” Cam asked.  Unfortunately, I was in the shower, so I didn’t know Cam had gotten home from work.

“I’m Kitten and Bunny’s dad,” said Jacob.

“No you’re not,” said Cam.  “I am.”

“I’m sorry,” said Jacob.  “I didn’t mean to intrude on your lives.  I just wanted to meet them, as they are my daughters even if I don’t live here.”

“Hey, Jacob?” I called, interrupting them.  “You can tell Kay it worked.”

“What worked?” Cam asked.

“The insemination,” I answered.  “Apparently the new dad is an alien, at least according to Kay.”

“I’ll tell him,” said Jacob.  “I think I should be going anyways.  Goodbye.”

A/N: Seven Pollination is the founder of Pollination: Mission Statement.  The legacy is written by Lynnwood.


I will be out of town starting June 5 and will not be playing Elena’s challenge until I get back. I have been updating after I play, so there is nothing for me to post right now. The earliest updates might resume is the 23rd.

Happy June!