Probably not continuing this

So I’ve received a couple of comments on this blog over the past few months because apparently people are still finding this little story and enjoying it. 🙂 Which is great, that’s why I left the blog up instead of just deleting it.

However, I most likely will not be continuing this story. At this point I have little to no interest in Simming outside of my own entertainment. So yea, I’m mostly just leaving this up as a relic and in case anyone happens to find what does exist enjoyable.

I had a feeling for a long time I probably wouldn’t finish this. Ever since I went away to university I had a huge decrease in interest in Simming, since taking care of myself requires a great deal of time and effort, with little left over for games. I have other interests I would rather pursue, especially as I have finally graduated from college and my time is my own again. I need to get a job, for a start. 😛

So yea, just don’t expect anything new for this blog.

One thought on “Probably not continuing this

  1. First of all congrats on graduating! You were so close but you been away for so long so I get it. I had a BC too, I got up to 83 kids and was like “well I don’t wanna play the sims anymore.” I got really busy with life things this summer and my interest for the sims faded but it may be temporary. I think I just needed an extended break. I’m pursuing others in the meanwhile like my music & DJ career. I have a show this coming Saturday. Plus I also been playing a lot of Pokemon Go with friends when I don’t even like pokemon but I figure the game would be fun lol. I caught a Mew and thought of you :p I would like to stay in touch with you. You can add me on facebook, my real one. I can be found as Dené Dè Nègra 🙂

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