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143. That Niggling Worry Will Always Be There


“Mrs. Prissy, don’t tell Jesme, but I really like you.  I hope you’ll still like me when I’m taller.”

I’m not sure whether to be worried about Yoshi talking to a snowman or whether this is just a sign of childhood imagination.


Merik sighed.  “I am too young to feel so old.  And why do I eat ice cream when it is cold?”


Snow and Holly made up for their melodrama.  Very loudly.


It’s a miracle!  Someone did the dishes besides Bonehilda!

I’d say Yoshi looks like me in the jawline, but he has his father’s mouth.


Oh my.  Merik and Yoshi are possibly the handsomest sons I’ve ever had.  Don’t tell my other sons I said that.


“You know, if you weren’t my uncle, I’d totally date you,” said Holly.

Merik gave her one frightened look, then skedaddled.


“I hope you don’t mind, but that was totally gross and put the poor kid on the spot,” said Snow.


“I know.  It’s the perk of being a relative.  I’m allowed to say inappropriate stuff that scares the dung out of people.  They’ll still love me.”


“Sure.  As long as you don’t…well, act on your words.”

“I’d never do that.”

“I know.  But I know someone who did.”

“Oh.  Yeah.”

Screenshot-4457 Screenshot-4459

It was also birthday time for the younger twins.  I found it positively adorable that Merik played with Tasia before she aged up.  Not only is he handsome, but good with kids.  What woman or man wouldn’t want that?


Ira is rather feminine in appearance.  I almost thought I had twin girls and just never realized it before now.


It’s amazing how the same hairstyle can make kids look more alike than they might otherwise.  Tasia looks like a slightly tanner version of Jesme.


“What are you doing?” Jesme asked.

“Reading a book,” Cameron said.  “What are you doing?”

“Staring at a spoon.  I don’t know why I can’t see my reflection.  Do you think I’ll look prettier when I’m older?”


Smart move, Cameron.


“Mom, when did I get a twin sister?” Tasia asked.

“Your brother just likes a more feminine look.  Nothing wrong with that.”

“Yeah, whatever.  New question.  Can we have gender reversal magic?  I totally feel more like a guy than a girl.”

“Maybe when you’re older and have had a chance to think about it more.”


“Hey, Mom, I’ve been thinking.  When Snow and I and the kids leave, we won’t be able to protect ourselves.”


“Sure you can.  Haven’t you ever used your aura?”


“Well, no.”

“Then it’s time you learned.  That’s another thing I should do to be a better mother.  Teach all my fairies the aura magic.”


“First thing you need to do is relax.  Also, you need to know what you want.  So allow only the beneficial emotions – those that you want to project through your aura.  In your case, that would be protection.  So.  Breathe in.  Out.”


“Why don’t you just show me how you do it?”

“All right.”



“So that’s the good luck aura?”

“No, it’s the what-I-make-it aura.  In this case, yes, it’s the good luck aura.  Now you try.”


I helped him magically, just as Holly helped me my first time.  It makes it easier.


“Congratulations!  You can now project!”


“So what does this one do?”

“You don’t know?”

“No.  I just wanted to make the lights like you did.”

“Then that’s pretty much all it did.  Keep practicing and remember to focus on your emotions, not on the pretty colors.”


“I’m really sorry about what I said before.  About uncle A.  You know, with the whole letting him get away thing.  I was just upset.  But I’m okay now.”


“Apology accepted,” I said.  “And, well, I think you’re right.  I did sort of want him to get away.  I mean, he’s my son.  So, well, yeah.”


“So we’re thinking of leaving after our kids’ next birthday,” said Cameron.

“Yeah, we’re going to move to Ronny’s brother and sisters’ house.  You know, the triplets.”

“That’s not really specific enough, Snow.  They’re Richelle, Nikial, and Selena.  Try to remember that.”



“Why?” I asked.  “You’re perfectly welcome to stay here as long as you want.  We have plenty of space, what with having a fairy house, three sets of bunk beds, and a master bed.”


“Yeah, well, we kind of want our own place again,” said Cameron.  “You know, not one where you’re busy adding to the household.”

“I haven’t had any kids since…well, that thing.”

“I know, but I know you still want to keep going.  And I respect that.  That’s why we’re moving.  Besides, Richie and Selly are weres and Nicky’s a fairy.  I can teach him the aura thing and Richie and Selly will have our backs too.  Strength in numbers and all that.”

“Well, if you’re sure.”

“We’re sure.”


I played to help calm down.  Music is the best balm for a sore and punctured soul.  I should really put that into song.


“Holly, wanna dance?  Mom’s rockin’ out.”

“No.  I don’t feel like making a fool of myself anymore today.”

“Your loss.”


“I hope I’m the prettiest fairy in all the land!” Jesme wished.


Well, I think she is.  Of course, mothers and daughters often disagree on such things.


“Honey, you played really well.  And you’re gorgeous.”

“Thanks, Mom!  I was hoping you’d notice.”

“What does that mean?”

“Just that you never really talk to us, you just kinda eat, sleep, and do other stuff.”

“I do not!”


“Whatcha girls gigglin’ about?” Tasia asked.

“You,” said Ira.  “You dance funny!”


“Yeah?  Hey, Snow, Ira’s totally an elephant.”


“She’s jus’ bein’ silly,” said Ira.

“I am not!  You’re a niener elephant with pink tusks!”

Snow and Holly shared a look that clearly said, “Kids.


“Well, everyone, stay safe, okay?” I said.  “I’m going to miss you guys enough as it is.  Please take care of yourselves.”

“We will,” said Snow.  “Don’t worry too much about us.”

“Yeah, Mom, we’ll be fine,” said Cameron.  “There’ll be seven of us in one house.  Not exactly easy pickings.”

“Why’s Gran so worried?” asked Hope.

“Causa our big bad Uncle,” said Angel.



Of course I had to hug them.  When things like what happened happen, people try not to take life for granted as much.


“Do we get hugs too?” asked Angel.


“Duh.  You’re my grandkids.”


“Oh, good.  I thought you forgot me.”

“How could I forget my sweet little Hopie?”


Speaking of grandkids, here is Chauncey, Rory’s son.