Archive | February 27, 2013

Another Story

So I’ve made a new story that I am super-duper-excited about!  I’m sure you’re familiar with Serpent and Carrie Queen, as they’ve just made quite a splash in the last two updates.  Well, they’ve now got a blog, Queens of Crime, dedicated to their adventures in Lucky Palms. Which are a little bit in the future of this blog. But in a couple of updates, I’ll have Queens’ Hive in-sync with Queens of Crime. Scarab, Clark, Devon, and Liam Gelman will also make appearances, and Elena may pop over there as well. Also! Jamie Queen-Breeze, Elena’s third child, is neighbor to Carrie and Serpent, because I’ve always loved him and his cuteness and wanted to give him a bit of a life outside of Elena’s story. 😀