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139. Goodbyes are Sad? Then Say See You.


Cam helped me prepare food for our guests.  We should probably have switched roles.  I burned the goop.


When people started showing up, it took a while for everyone to squeeze through my tiny door.  Maybe I should get a bigger one.  Or get smaller guests.


It was great to see my Moonlight Fall kids again, but it also made me realize how much I miss the kids I left in Twinbrook.  I should reconnect with them on that social networking site they’re all on.

Snow Bell looked kind of lost among all of the guests.  She left early.


“Who the Berry are you?” Richelle growled at this random party crasher.  “I’ll throw my food in your face and then eat your face!  Get out!”

He didn’t.  I don’t think he took her threat very seriously.  He should have.


“What are you doing here?”


“We never did finish our conversation.”

“But I don’t remember inviting you.”

“You didn’t.  Claus did.”

“Oh, well, come on in then.”


“Catch me after dinner and we can finish talking,” I hinted.

“I look forward to it.”


Cam played for us for a short while.  I suspect he did it more so he had something to do and not so much out of altruism.


“My moves are totes better than yours, bro!”

“Nah, you can’t beat this!”


Jesme stayed out of the way in the nursery.  She probably wouldn’t have had much fun being passed around anyways.  Okay, she would have, but nobody volunteered to get her.


“So how are things?” I asked.

“Great, it’s my birthday!” said Cameron.

“I think she was talking to me,” said Zoey.

“No, it’s me.  I’m the pregnant one,” said Rory.

“Why don’t I know most of these people?” asked Merik.


Probably a good thing my whole family couldn’t make it.  See why?


I was a terrible hostess to the vampires.  I’d neglected to have any juice on hand for them.  I’m a little surprised they didn’t attack us.  Especially Avery.  Vampires are really a bunch of pansies.


It was also Aston and Cameron’s birthday!  They’re lucky to have had a real party.  Most of my kids don’t get that.


I would feel bad about not having more birthday parties, but after seeing this chaos I don’t.  If that makes me a terrible mom, so be it.  I’ve done worse.


George and I took off to my room for that promised quiet time.


Well, if the word ‘quiet’ is redefined.


The party was still in full swing too.  Oops.

“Hey, I think I hear someone hurt in Mom’s room,” said Yoshi.

“No, that’s just the sound of Mom making new brothers and sisters,” said Selena.

“Oh my Berry, please just ignore it,” said Ricky.


Aston left without saying goodbye.


Cameron stuck around overnight, but the next day he sat down with his father.

“Dad, I’m not moving to Hidden Springs with you.”


“Why not?”


“Because of Snow.  I’m going to ask her to marry me.  She’s already moved once, I can’t just ask her to move again.”


“Are you sure?”

“Yes.  I, well, I love her.”

“All right then, if that’s what you want.”

“I do.”

It didn’t seem like Cam was too happy about it.  Considering our own marriage, I can’t exactly blame him.  But I think Snow and Cameron will do better than we did.


“I hear you’re getting married.  Do you need any money?  For a house or anything?”


“No.  Dad already gave me some funds to get my own place.  So you’re not mad?”

“Why would I be?”

“Because I’m getting married.”


“Of course not.  You are not me.  You will make your own mistakes, not mine.”

“Thanks.  I think.”

“Anyways, I’m glad you’ll still be here,” I whispered into his ear, in case Cam heard.  “I’d miss you.”

“I’d miss you too, Mom.  I guess I shouldn’t say goodbye, then.  So I’ll say see you later.”

“See ya.”


“So I suppose this is goodbye for good.”


“Are you kidding, Cam?  Our son is getting married!  If he didn’t invite us, I would give him some chattering teeth.  And we have the other kids too.  You’re not getting rid of me that easily.”

“You’re the one who wants to get rid of me.”


There was nothing I could say to that which I hadn’t already said.  He was right.  “Well, see you later then.”




I spent my pregnancy both relishing and hating the quiet in the house.  The twins were still here, and so were Jesme and Bonehilda, but nevertheless I sometimes felt lonely.  So when I got an email from Clark, one of the sons I’d borne and left with Liam Gelman, I was incredibly excited.  He and his brother Devon and his sister Carrie are planning to come to my house to spend Christmas with me.  I also got an email from Scarab and Serpent, their brothers that I’d raised, saying they might make it too.


Before her birthday, I made sure to give Jesme one last tickle.  For some reason, my kids hate tickles once they’re older.  I don’t see why.  Nobody’s too old for them!


I think she has Claus’ ears and nose, but the rest of her still screams, ‘I’m Mommy’s Mini.  Don’t mess with me!’


I played chess by myself while the kids were at school.  I was at loose ends here.  I hoped I’d have another set of multiples to keep busy.


Then, of course, I had to go and traumatize the twins again.

“I smell blood,” said Yoshi.  “Where’s that coming from?”


George met me at the hospital.  The older twin is Tasia, the boy is Ira.


He stuck around to see them age up too.

“Who’s Daddy’s little fairy princess?  You are!  You’re going to be just like your mom.”


“Ira, don’t let your sister and your mother overwhelm you.  Be a man.  Got it?”



“Thank you so much, George.  They’re beautiful.”


“Hey, I’ll do anything for a pretty lady if she just asks.  You sure you don’t want me to stick around?”

“No.  Go home to Harry and Helen.”

“Yeah, my wi – my kids are probably wondering where I am.  Well, send me pictures of the kids, okay?  And maybe I can drop by and visit.”


“Great.  You got it.”