132. I Saw the Sea

A/N: Point of view switch again. The switch is to Alice’s point of view.


Hello. I am Alice Queen. You may remember me. I am Elena’s daughter, Jacob’s twin, and Holly’s mother. I am married to Tommy Reaper, who is a son of the Grim Reaper. And my other mother is Yori Kader.


Why am I here? you may be asking. Where’s your mom?

You will know soon.

My magic is with remembering. I am going to show you what I saw happen in my visions. But there is one more thing you need to know.


I cannot go into the past and prevent things.  That would cause a paradox.  And I cannot know everything that has ever happened. I can only see what the Watcher grants me to see.


It all began quite normally.

“Hey, Cameron. Want to go fishing with me?”


“Sure! I’ve always wanted to learn to fish.”

“Me too. Bring your trunks, I wanna go swimming later too.”



“This is fun, dontcha think, Aston? Just us, and the waves, and the pretty fishes! I want to have a whole collection of fishes! Like rainbow trout. I bet that’s a really pretty fish. What are you going to do with your fish?”


“Eat them.”


“Oh. That’s okay, I guess. But wouldn’t you rather have them as pets?”


“Well, I want pet fish. I wish Mom would let us keep pets. Maybe I should ask her!”



“I’m tired of fishing. Let’s swim instead.”


“Wow. My wings are feeling kinda heavy. I didn’t know water did that to my wings.”

“Interesting. Let’s go in deeper.”

“Race ya!”


“Ha, I beatcha! Neener, neener!”


“Oooh! I think I felt a shark bite my flippers!”


“Aston? Where’d you go?”

The next thing I saw was this.


I don’t know how Cameron went from swimming to being dead.  He just was.  And there wasn’t a thing I could do about it.


Cameron begged for his young life. But my father-in-law took him anyways.


And now you know where my mother has been since I told her. She refuses to leave her bed or eat. Mostly she doesn’t speak either. Except when she’s sleeping. Then she says “Cameron” quite often.


Richelle spends most of her time talking to thin air. She is pleading for her baby brother’s return in exchange for everything from the moon to the clothes on her back to her own life.


Nikial cannot stop crying. Bonehilda doesn’t seem to know what to do with herself.


Selena spends most of her time wolf and refuses to change to human.


The night Aston came home, he was soaked and laughing.  Which he stopped when Mom realized Cameron wasn’t with him.

I haven’t seen him much since I arrived.  This is the first time, actually.  It seems he’s quite fascinated with the magical tools. 


And what have I been doing? I sit and watch over my mother when I can, trying to convince her to eat something. But I don’t spend all my time with her.


I switch off with Dad so we can both sleep and eat. He arrived after I called him. I also called all my brothers and sisters to let them know.

And I called on one other person too.


“Grim, why?” I sobbed, worn out with caring for everybody else.

“I’m sorry, Alice. I know this has been hard on your family.”


“It’s been impossible,” I said. “Please…isn’t there anything you can do? Can’t you bring him back?”


“I wish I could. I really wish I could. But the Watcher is above even me, and what she says, goes.”


“The Watcher? You’re telling me this is all the Watcher’s fault?”

“Oh, not entirely. She simply allowed what was inevitable to happen, and prevented me from changing the outcome.”


“Are you sure you can’t change the outcome? Please?”


“I don’t know.”


“Alice? Was that the Grim I saw outside with you?”



“Well, can he bring Cameron back, then?”

“He didn’t say.”

6 thoughts on “132. I Saw the Sea

    • I’d say he’s more than just, ‘bad’ ahahaha. I feel really awful for Cameron. It depresses me to think about. Which reminds me, I should really have named him Cameron Jr. to avoid confusion. XD

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