131. Behind His Back


Ricky and Rory grew up and moved out.  Ricky is aiming to be on TV as an anchor.  Rory is going into medicine.  I wish them well.


“Guess it’s time for me to grow up too,” said Selena.



Of course, her triplets Nikial and Richelle joined her in teenagehood.

“I’m still not including you in my plans,” said Richelle.

“I know.  Don’t care,” said Nikial.


Technically Cameron is only a few hours younger than Aston.  So it’s almost as if they’re twins.


After aging, Aston went to sleep.  It was quite odd.  He didn’t even have any cake first.


Cameron did join the triplets for some.


“You know, I want to know what Aston’s deal is,” said Selena.

“I haven’t quite worked out all the minute details yet,” said Richelle.  “But I’ll have it down on paper soon exactly what he would be contributing to our organization.”

“No, not that,” said Selena.  “I just want to know what he is.”


“What do you mean?” asked Cameron.


“Well, he’s kinda strange,” said Nikial.  “He could talk pretty well for a toddler.  And he said something about his father being displeased with Mom.”


“Exactly,” said Selena.  “I don’t get it.  What is he?”

“He’s probably an Oracle,” said Richelle.

“Huh?” the other three said.

“You know, a person who can communicate telepathetically with their immortal parent.  They’re often conceived by a council of immortals.  Well, they’re not really a council – ”

“Richie,” said Selena.  “Have you been making up conspiracies again?”

“No!” said Richelle.  “I was reading that big book of magic over there.  It knows lots about the world.”


“Maybe I’ll take a look at that book,” said Nikial.  “Might be something in there.”

“I already did!  And I tell you, he’s an Oracle!” said Richelle.

“Cut it out, you guys.  I’m right here, and I can hear you,” I said.  “And I really don’t appreciate you gossiping about your brother behind his back.  If you would like to discuss this when Aston’s awake, feel free.”


“Mom’s right,” said Cameron.  “It’s not nice.”


So he got up and joined me dancing.


Aston had woken up.  He’d probably heard us talking.


In other, more positive news, two of the four apple trees I planted are growing!  The other two got eaten by zombies.


Also, I was checking myself out in the mirror and decided I really need a makeover.  I’m the mother of fifty kids, the grandmother of a few, and I still look like my kids’ older sister.


“How do I look, Bonehilda?” I asked.


She didn’t answer.  Hey, whatever happened to servants buttering up their mistresses?

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