130. It’s Not Enough


I decided to get the toddlers taught.  Rory helped and even figured out a way to teach Cameron to both fly and walk in one session.  Every time he walked to her arms, he would get a flying lesson.  He loved flapping his wings, so it actually made him happy to have two lessons.


I, however, wasn’t having as much luck with Aston.  “Come on, honey, I know you can talk,” I said.  “Come on, say ‘mommy’.  Or how about, ‘Rory’?  Can you say, ‘Cameron’?  Look, he’s over there learning!  Don’t you want to learn too?”


“No,” said Aston.

“Good boy!” I said, but he wasn’t finished.

He gave me a creepy look.  “I am not a dog, Mother.  I have known how to talk since I was born.  But I choose not to.  I only speak now because I am relaying a message from my father.  He is not pleased with you.  He thought you would be a far more amusing experiment.  He regrets giving me to you.”


“Wow, that’s pretty creepy to hear from a kid,” Rory said into my dead silence.  “Who was his dad again?  Or should I say, ‘what’?

“The Master…” I muttered.

“Seth,” Aston corrected me.


“Why are you doing that evil laugh thing againt, Richelle?” Nikial asked.  “You always look like some sort of cartoon villain.”

“Shut up, idiot fairy,” said Richelle.  “I just heard Aston talking.  With him by our sides, Selena and I will be able to take over the world!  You can be the janitor of our castle.”

“Yeah, right,” said Nikial.  “I want a dukedom in this imaginary world of yours.”

“It is not imaginary!  I have great plans!  Plans I am considering cutting you out of!”



Since Aston was apparently a master of talking, I left him alone while I recovered from my shock.  I’ve seen my other kids chewing their xylophone’s stick, but seeing him do it was especially freaky.

So I made a call and left the kids in the hands of the teenagers and Bonehilda.


“I’m so happy to see you, Ellie!  You have no idea how much I’ve missed you.”

“Yeah…same here,” I said.  It was hard to think about what I wanted to do, now that I was here with his arms around me.  All I wanted to do now was tell him all about Aston and how worried I was that he was some sort of demon.



“So you were born after all.  I thought you were only a dream.”

“What that mean?”

“Nothing.  Nothing you need to worry about.”


Little Cameron flew out of his father’s arms and into the fairy house near us.  I was secretly glad.  Maybe he wouldn’t hear much.  I had only brought him with to show Cam that he was alive and real and as handsome as his father.  This was going to be impossible.  But I had to do it.


“Cam…”  But I couldn’t do it.  “Why are your eyebrows brown?” I asked instead.


“Holly,” he said.  “She was messing around with her magic and this happened.  At least she didn’t turn me into a non-Berry or a toad.”

I giggled.  “So I heard you’re staying with Holly and Zoey.  I thought…I thought you would have left by now.”

“I was going to…the night I came back.  But Zoey talked me around.”

“Oh.”  Why did he have to make this beyond impossible?


“So, um…I found my ring,” I said, showing him the ring he’d given me on our wedding day.

“I’m glad you did.”

“I found it,” I said.  “But…”


“But what?”

It was now or never.


“But I can’t keep it.”


“What do you mean?”


“I’m sorry.  I love you, I do.  But…I’ve realized that I’m not right for you.  I’m not good for you.  I’ve hurt you too many times to count, even when I didn’t remember you.”


“Let me finish,” I said.  “Even when I knew who you were, I still cheated on you.  Twice.  I am not good for you.  You are good for me, but not me you.  I can’t keep taking and taking your love and yet giving my body to others.  I have done that way too many times…and…it’s not forgivable.  Not at this late stage.”



“I’m not done.  I know my goal has taken a toll on you.  My goal to have a hundred babies.  It’s not Yori’s fault that I’ve cheated.  I cheated all on my own, without her help.  I am who I am.  And I’ve tried to change for you.  But I don’t think that’s going to happen.  It will never happen, as long as I want what I want.  I love you, Cameron Sky, but not enough.  I love my children more.  I love my dream more.”


“This is not how I thought this would work out.  Are you sure…?”


“Yes, I’m sure.  I’m so sorry…”


He backed away from me.  “Not enough.  If you were really, truly sorry, you would get back together with me…and leave your dream.  It endangers you too much, what with Yori on the loose.  And wasn’t that Polar Cubb fellow one of the men you…cheated on me with?  Look how that turned out, eh?”


“Don’t.  Just don’t.  You want me gone?  I’ll go.  But don’t expect me to come back.  This time, I will stay gone.”


“Was goin’ on?”


“I have go now, little Cameron.”


“Your mother wants me gone.”

“Why, Mama?”

“She just does.”


“I love you.”

“Love you, Dada.”

“When you grow up, you can come live with me in Hidden Springs if you like.”

“Okay, Dada.”


And then my Cam left.


“I really do love you.”


“Mama!  Why you want Dada go?”

“Because I’m not good for him.”

“What that mean?”

“It means I’ve not been a good wife.”

“But Dada nice.  He love you.”


“I know.  That’s why I had to let him go.”

4 thoughts on “130. It’s Not Enough

    • I feel bad for Cam too. Dx If Elena wasn’t such a cheaty meanie, I would totally keep him around. They complement each other so well.

      Yeah, Aston is able to communicate with his father in some way, so he must be an oracle of sorts. However, I plan on Aston being active as an agent of chaos, and not just relaying warnings. After all, he’s Seth’s kid. lol

    • Yeah, I agree and I feel bad for them. But to be honest, Elena brings it on herself. 😉

      If you like Aston’s evilness now, just wait till what he does later. It should happen in the next update or the update after that. *zips lips*

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