128. Once Upon a Dream


For the most part, Aston seems like a normal child.  He doesn’t try to crush his siblings’ heads, though Rory complains that he pulls her hair and laughs.  But considering how long her hair is, who can blame him?


He likes to play with his toys, just like all his brothers and sisters have.  And of course, he looks cute while doing so.


But then his toys mysteriously vanish and when we ask him where they went, he stares at us like he has no idea what we’re talking about.  To be fair, he probably only understands a little, as we haven’t gotten around to teaching him to talk yet.


“Time for bed,” I said.

He patted my shoulder and didn’t say anything.  It’s actually a little unnerving how little he speaks.  Where’s his baby babble?


Too tired to try to teach Aston right then, I joined Ricky in the fairy house.


I wasn’t awake to see this, but my son Jacob apparently turned up and did some magic.


I awoke in an unfamiliar bed.


“Just remember, Dad, the spell-dream will only last for what feels like a few days,” I heard Jacob say as I slowly opened my eyes.  “If you haven’t made any headway by then, there’s nothing more I can do.”

“All right.”

“Also, some dreams are so powerful they become real.  So any headway you make may have real impact in the real world.”

“Got it.”


“Jacob – what – what’s going on?”


“Oops,” said Jacob.  “Uh, hi, Mom.  I’ve made a dream world for you and Dad to share…so that maybe he can help you get through your amnesia.  Uhhh, guess I’d better get out of here.  Bye!”  And he vanished.


“What – what did Jacob mean?  Why would my own son trap me?  What’s going on?  Why are you here, of all people?  I don’t want to dream about you!”


“Ellie,” he said.  “Please just be quiet for one moment.  Jacob did this because I asked him to.  I want to have another chance with you – to try to break through your amnesia.”

“I – ” I started.

“No.  Just, just shush.  Just for a moment.”


Then, before I could stop him, he kissed me.


Our wedding night flashed through my vision.  I also sawthe first time we met.  I saw every memory we shared in a single second or perhaps through many ages.  And when my vision cleared, he was still there before me.

Cameron Sky.

My husband.


“Do you – do you remember anything?” Cam asked.


“Yes.  I remember everything.”


We decided to rediscover each other.


After, Cam wandered outside.  “Ellie, come out.  There’s something I want you to see.”


“Snow!  I haven’t seen snow since I left Riverview!”

“That’s why I thought you’d like it.  I helped Jacob decide what the dream should have.”


“Thank you, thank you!”


Of course, we took advantage of the snow to have some fun.






“I wasn’t ready!” Cam yelped after my snowball hit him.


I couldn’t answer.  I felt sick.

“Ellie?  Are you all right?”

Turning, I ran into the house.

2 thoughts on “128. Once Upon a Dream

  1. Aston has inherited at least one of his dad’s supernatural traits I see. He’s cute but I have a feeling he’s going to be a real handful pretty soon. lol. So Elena is pregnant in a dream world by Cameron… hmm… I wonder what’s going to happen now.

    • I don’t have Showtime, so Aston’s only going to be a witch-like kid. But that’s pretty powerful all on its own. XD I made him have the Evil trait, so we’ll see what he gets up to when he’s a child. I got a whole boatload of photos, so I decided to split this post up. Otherwise you would’ve seen all of the events this chapter. 😉

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