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123. The Beast Within


“You all right, Polar?” I asked when I heard him suddenly groan behind me.


“I’m fine,” he said.


I looked up and saw his face.  “Why didn’t you tell me you’re a werewolf?”

“I thought I did.  Must have slipped my mind.”


“I can’t believe Polly’s a werewolf!” Rory squealed.


“Out!” Polar bellowed in the bathroom.

Ricky skedaddled.  “I didn’t want to shower anyway,” he muttered.


Two zombies turned up on my lawn around midnight.  I was used to ignoring them, so I didn’t hear their groans.  It was only after when I saw them.  So I can only guess at what happened before I saw what I saw.


Polar had gone for a run after his shower.  At some point he must have shredded his outer clothes.  He turned a corner and saw the zombies.


He growled at them.


Then he leaped for the poor cursed things.


I heard the screams and ran to the window.  At first, I refused to recognize Polar.  I insisted to myself that it was a shadow monster, something from my imagination, not the man I had invited into my home and bed.  But then I saw his face as he raised it dripping from the body of one of the zombies, and I knew it was him.


I called the police and locked the outer doors.


Fortunately, one of the cops who came was a fairy, so she used her aura to capture him, her partner acting as a bait.  I saw the Grim Reaper collect the zombies through my window.  I was glad the children were asleep.

After, the fairy cop came inside to tell me Polar had been caught.

“Thank you for calling us,” she said.  “Too often attacks on zombies go unreported in this town.”  She sighed.  “You’d think, in a town of supernaturals, that all of us would be treated equally.  But our zombies are often ignored.”


I couldn’t answer.  All I could see was that evil, murderous look in Polar’s eyes.

“Ms. Queen?  Are you all right?”

“He was my boyfriend,” I mumbled.  “I can’t believe I let him near my kids.”

“Is he, um, the father?”

“Only of the ones I’m pregnant with.”

“Oh.  I’m very sorry.”


“Mommy, where’s Polly?” Rory asked in the morning.


I closed my eyes and inhaled, unable to speak for a moment as I saw the zombies in my memory.  “He went to jail,” I said at last.


“Why?” she asked.

“Because he killed two zombies, that’s why,” I said.



Rory told Ricky what had happened.


They shrank and stayed close to each other for the rest of the day.