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122. How to Train Your Fairy


Rory and her brother Ricky keep me occupied so I don’t have to think about that last fight with Lana and Tamia too much. I so wish we hadn’t left things off on the wrong foot.


In addition to talking and walking, they need training in flying.  I’m not entirely sure how to go about that since I’m still a new fairy myself.  So mostly I just toss them in the air for a bit until they start fussing.  They fly on their own too, so they’re probably not going to be the only fairies who don’t know how to fly.


Luckily, I’ve got Junior and Faye to help with the other skills so I can get a bit of a breather.


My idea of a breather was to go test my magical shrinking skills on the claw machines.  I scored a yeti and a teddy all without having to pay a simoleon!  I’m sure the cops don’t prosecute fairies for something so petty here in Moonlight Falls.  Right?


“Hey, there, fairy girl,” said a man.  “Haven’t seen you around before.  You new in town?”


In answer, I transformed and kissed him.  What?  I was working my magic on the off-chance he was a cop so he wouldn’t press charges.

Okay, fine, so I was lonely.  So what?  I’ve used men to solve my problems before and it all worked out fine.

I did learn that his name is Polar Cubb.


To make up for using Polar, I cast a spell on him that I’d never cast before.  I gotta live and learn somehow.


Good thing it was just flight of felicity and not, I don’t know, fire blast.


I invited Polar to live with me and surprisingly, he was more than willing.  Maybe I should cut back on that Pollen Juice I keep in my fairy house.  It seems to do weird things to my brain.  But at least I got this hunky fellow into my home and bedroom, so it can’t be all bad, right?


He’s pretty okay with the fact that I have other kids with other men too.  He was really excited for Junior and Faye’s birthday party.  It was sweet, but I got the feeling part of his excitement stemmed from not having prying older kids’ eyes around anymore.


Faye decided to be a spa specialist.  Thought she’d go into a musical career.  Guess you never can tell.


Junior became a teacher.  That one I wasn’t shocked about.  When he thought I wasn’t looking, he was the first on the scene for Rory and Ricky’s needs.


Rory played a lullaby for Ricky.


It sent him right off.


No, I’m not trying to pat my head and belly at the same time.  How would I do that with no hands on my head?


“So, Polar, you’re going to be a daddy soon,” I said, looking away because I was scared of his reaction.  I don’t know, I guess Jacko put me on high alert for anger.


“Really?  That’s great!  I’ve always wanted kids,” said Polar.

“Really?” I asked.  “Good, cause it’s likely it’s twins or even triplets.”

“Oh, I figured.”


Polar wasn’t up for getting the toddlers aged up with me, though, so I had to do it individually.

“Hurry up,” said Rory.  “I want my cake!”


Her wings didn’t grow stilted as she aged, so I must’ve done a good job with the flying training.  I hope.


I’m not sure why thye both opted for long sleeves.  It’s not that cold here.

Continuing Challenge and My New Simbir

Yesterday I started playing Elena’s challenge again.  I have pics I will post soon, probably later today.  Right now, I’m just thinking as far ahead as 50 kids.  I don’t know if I’ll take the challenge any further than that, because as I said before I’m sort of ambivalent about the challenge and at the same time not.  But there will be more updates for a while, so it’s not over till the fat lady sings.  Maybe even literally, as Elena’s almost always big with babi(es). 😉

In other news, I’ve created a simbir (tumbir for Sims) with that legacy I mentioned before.  Here’s the link to my Simbir.

It’s founded by Aurora Tallula.  I’m not doing another wordpress blog for her because I’m just not feeling like writing another clever storyline.  I like just having fun gameplay with her and her family.

That’s all the news for now.