100. All Loving Families Argue

I have a confession to make.  I forgot to take pictures of Scarab and Serpent aging up.  So this is Scarab as an adult.  He decided to join the military, of all things.  I could’ve sworn he was going to be a musician like Cam.

And this is Serpent.  At least he waited till he was an adult to grow the rest of his evil facial hair.  He still seems rather fond of that mustache.

Scarab was a nice guy and helped his little sister Jenna blow her candles out.

“You could do it for Victoria, you know,” said Scarab.

“You do it,” said Serpent.

I like Jenna’s hair, but I do have to wonder where it came from.

“This isn’t what I meant when I said, ‘Do it for Victoria’,” Scarab complained.

Serpent tooted louder.

At least there’s no worry that Mom and Victoria will ever get confused with each other.

Elderberry reminds me so much of his brother Hagrid.

“Look, Elena, I have a twin!” Cam said.

“I’m pretty sure she has my skin,” I said.

“No, she’s purple,” said Cam.

“Pink,” I said.

“Purple,” said Cam.

“Aga!” said Victoria.  That settled it.  I’m not sure in whose favor, but that settled it.

“Well, I think Elderberry looks most like me,” I said, scooping him up.

“Yeah, but he has my skin,” Cam said.

“So he does.  But I say it’s more pink than purple.”

“Eepa!” said Elderberry.  “Eepunga!”

“He says he has his sister’s skin, so he’s purple,” Cam reported.

“Oh, you speak baby now?  I still say it’s a mix,” I said.

“Well, Jen,” I said.  “Who do you look like more, Daddy or me?”

Jenna smiled at me.

“Yeah, I think so too,” I said.

“She didn’t say anything,” said Cam.

“I read her mind,” I said.  “She says she looks just like her mommy.”

“Oh yeah, except for my eyes, my skin tone, and her sandy hair,” said Cam.

“Don’t listen to him,” I said to Jenna.  “He’s just jealous.”

Cam pulled me into a dance.  “I say they got mostly me,” he said.

“No, they have more of me,” I said.

“Me,” said Cam.

“They’re a beautiful mix of both of us,” I countered.

“Victory!” said Cam.

“No, it’s a tie.”

“Think they’ll notice us leaving?” asked Scarab.

“Yes,” said Serpent.  “Mom’s got eyes everywhere.”

“No she doesn’t,” said Scarab.

“Yes, I do,” I said as I followed them out.  “That’s how I knew you ate dirt in front of Zoey.”

“How did – ” said Scarab.

“Told ya so,” said Serpent to Scarab.

“Shut up,” said Scarab.

“Hey, I didn’t agree to be part of a group hug,” said Serpent.

“Too bad,” said Scarab.  “That’s for telling Mom about the dirt.”

“She has eyes everywhere!” said Serpent.  “I don’t make this stuff up!”

“Okay, now you two hug,” I said.  “Show me some good brotherly love.”

“What?!” said Serpent.

“Aw, come on, bro,” said Scarab.  “Give Mama what she wants.”

“I’ll kill you,” said Serpent.

“Not if I kill you first,” said Scarab.

Serpent tackled him and they rolled around on the ground.  I love my boys.

“AAAAAH!” screamed Jenna when they were gone.

“Come on, Jenna, use your words,” I said.

“AAAAH!” all three of them cried.

Cam laughed.  “What words?”

6 thoughts on “100. All Loving Families Argue

  1. Awhh! This is the cutest family ever. I love all the dialogue, especially the baby talk! It makes everything so much more realistic. I hope they can keep such a great relationship even as they grow up!

    Also thought I’d mention you’ve got yourself a brand new follower! Think you can also return the favor? hehe 🙂

    • Well, thanks! I do like coming up with the dialogue, it often amuses me to write. 🙂 I’m not sure who you meant that you’d like to see keep the great relationship – the triplets with their parents? The triplets with each other? But for the most part, I don’t have the kids hate their parents or each other, so don’t worry about that.

  2. Jenna probably has Melody’s(Cameron’s grandmother on his mom’s side) hair from the very beginning of Melody’s challenge.

    Love this post btw. All of the bantering back and forth between Cam and Ellena was really cool to see. The triplets are adorable!!

    • I thought of that, but Melody’s original hair was more of a dark reddish brown than sandy blonde. I could always attribute it to Melody’s ancestors or something, though. XD

      The banter makes the Sims come that much more to life for me, so thanks. 🙂 and yes, the triplets are indeed beautifully cute! I just love how they turned out, makes me glad I’m having Cam and Elena have at least 6 more biological kids together.

      • You’re right. It’s been way too long since I have seen what Melody originally looked like. Her hair looked a little lighter after she moved to Appaloosa Plains, and that is what I was thinking of. haha That’s one option. 🙂

        It does seem to make them come to life. 🙂 They are so good together.. well, now they are. hehe

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