98. Stranger the Second Round

A/N: For full understanding of this post, you may also want to read chapters 13 and 14 of Quest for Immortality, by jbfairybird.  Heck, I recommend reading the whole Quest for Immortality.  It’s quite the fun ride!  Thanks to jbfairybird for most of the pictures in this post.

During therapy, Dr. Vanessa Mewmew asked me to explain why I cheated on Cameron.  We hadn’t really dug in deep with that topic, as I would often close up and say, “I don’t know,” when asked about it.  But I was in a good mood since Cameron and I are doing so much better now.  So I felt I owed it to him to explain more in-depth.  I leaned over to see him around Dr. Mewmew and told him about George, Liam, and my first pregnancy with Liam.

Then I started to recount my second pregnancy with Liam…and what happened before it.

It all started with the cat.  I’d gone home after Serpent and Scarab’s toddler birthday to drop them off.  So when I came back to find one of the cats Liam was pet-sitting hissing at me, I had to assume something had happened in the few hours I’d been gone.

“Whoa, what’s the matter, honey? Did Liam leave dirty dishes in the kitchen again?”I said to the cat.

Then I heard a woman’s voice.  For a sec I thought the cat was talking to me.  But no, the voice had come from inside the house Liam was house-sitting and letting me stay at.

When I walked in, I noticed that there were actually two women.  Both were dressed very strangely and scantily.  I wondered if they were coming home from a party, or if they worked in clubs.  Maybe both.

The woman who wore gold beads in her hair and gold lipstick was very bossy and not so much asked as told me I had to go stay at Liam Gelman’s house, because apparently she and the other woman – her sister, I thought – owned the house I’d been staying in.  They were the friends Liam had spoken of.

It was all very odd.  Goldy-Beads wouldn’t tell me what her name was, and she talked about some sort of ‘game’ – which turned out to be a game to see if Liam could have 100 babies.  I thought it might be a bet the two women had going on with Liam.  She also talked about how she knew I was cheating on Cameron, and I was mortified.  No doubt she had read the papers.  She even acted like I was interested in Liam as a boyfriend or something.  Ew!  Liam was good in bed, but he was just annoying everywhere else.  No way would I date him.

I kept feeling that same prickling on the back of my neck that I’d felt when I was there before.  I noticed the cats kept prowling around, especially the one who had hissed at me.  It was almost like they were watching me…but that was crazy, so I tried not to think that.

What really worried me was that Goldy-Beads implied that she hadn’t asked Liam if I could stay at his house.  It was like she was the boss of him.  I wondered if Liam owed her something.  Once I’d been kicked out of the sisters’ house, I called Liam and asked what the heck was going on.  He basically said the sisters didn’t want me there anymore, which wasn’t very helpful.  But he did tell me how to get to his house.

When I got there, the first thing Liam did was introduce me to Belle, his teenaged daughter at the time.  She seemed nice, but a bit aloof.  I tried to be nice to her.  It was very awkward.

I also saw his other kids, but didn’t get a chance to speak to them because Liam was giving me the tour.  Liam was the best-looking tour guide I’d ever had.

I met Liam’s butler Marian, who seemed pretty nice.  I noticed she seemed to like looking at Liam, and I wondered if she’d ever birthed any of his children.  The thought wasn’t exactly one I’d wanted to have, but I was nice to Marian too, and offered to help out.  I wanted to be a better house guest here than I’d been at Liam’s friends’ place.  We’d pretty much trashed their kitchen.

After I got settled in, I ran into Liam’s maid Betsy as I was exploring the house on my own.  She was staring at the front door, and I could hear raised voices on the other side.  Liam was arguing with some woman.  Apparently I wasn’t the only one who found his personality grating at times.

Yes, I stayed there to listen with Betsy.  It was way more interesting than figuring out where the toilet was.

When Liam came back inside, he was pretty upset, but I couldn’t help asking him about the woman he’d been yelling at.  I found out she was Holly Greenwood and that Liam had to share custody of two of his daughters with her.  I felt really bad for him.

So I tried to cheer him up with a hug.  Which led to things Cameron didn’t want to hear.

So here I stopped going into detail for Cam and Dr. Mewmew and remembered the deed in my mind.  Liam might have been incurably annoying, but he was good at being a stud.

One night after I’d started showing, I found Betsy and some shadowy figure talking outside about fish…something about big fish and little fish.  I had a feeling they were talking in code.  When I turned up, the guy ran off and I asked Betsy about him.  I was worried the guy was bullying her into something, that maybe she had gambling debts to pay.

She blew me off, and she called me a ‘Little Fish’.  That was when I started thinking something wasn’t right about her.

After that, I tried to avoid Betsy, because it sounded like she’s mixed up in something I want no part of.  I was worried for the babies that were inside me at the time, and I still am.  I hope Liam and Marian keep them safe from whatever crazy scheme Betsy’s got going with that guy.

The maternity wear Liam loaned me was classy, but I don’t really like the waistband of the skirt digging into my belly.  Anyways, I was glad I went to the hospital that time.  It was a good way to get away from Betsy.

Our first-born was Clark.  Or third-born, if thinking of Scarab and Serpent.

Carrie was Daddy’s little girl from the moment Liam picked her up.  I felt better seeing him with her.  I knew he would take care of them and keep them safe from his maid if it came to that.  I honestly hope he fires Betsy soon.  I should really have mentioned to him what I heard Betsy’s friend saying, but I never got the chance.  Sometimes Liam was off with another baby mama, then when he was home he was working on his novel or taking care of his other kids.  Maybe I’ll send him an email.

We also had another son, Devon.  I miss all three of them, but I can’t be two places at once.  I made sure to give each of them a special moment with me and impart words of wisdom and warning.  But I didn’t want to grow too attached, or else I might have tried to get custody of them from Liam, and I’d already promised I wouldn’t do that.  At least I’d already done this before, with Del Marine, so it should have been easier to let them go.  But it wasn’t.

As for Liam, I hardly miss him.  I mean, sure, we had some good times, but in the end he’s not my husband.  Cameron Sky is, and Cam is who I’m in love with.

A/N: Del Marine is the father of his own 100 baby challenge, Del Marine and the Baby Mommies, by NyraKick. Elena had kids with him long before she married Cameron. Those kids will be making an appearance soonish.

6 thoughts on “98. Stranger the Second Round

  1. I enjoyed seeing a bit more into Elena’s head. I loved that Elena thought of the sisters as being form a night club and called Kalliah “Goldy Beads” lol. I really laughed at “She even acted like I was interested in Liam as a boyfriend or something. Ew! Liam was good in bed, but he was just annoying everywhere else. No way would I date him.”

    • I’m glad you liked it! Yeah, Elena’s head is a lot more interesting place to be than it might sometimes seem. I love writing her. That’s one of my favorite lines this post, too. XDD

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