95. Husbands Can Find Things Too

Butterfly and I sure can dance in sync.  Cam should have kept up with us.

“Mom, am I ugly?” Firefly asked after she looked in the mirror.

‘No, of course not,” I said.  “Ugly is a mean, rude thing to say about anyone.  No one is ugly.  Beauty is in the eye of a person.  You’re just as much a person as anyone else.”

She didn’t look entirely convinced.

Dragonfly seemed worried as she transitioned.  I hoped she wasn’t going to have the same body issues.

She appeared fine with her appearance.  I was surprised she chose to wear her hair like Firefly’s.  I thought she was the nonconformist of the triplets.

Butterfly was in the kid room when the sparkles caught up to her.  I didn’t know if she was hiding from changing or if she forgot that it was her birthday too.

The three of them look so much alike, despite having such different colorings.

Then it was time to get the twins older too.  At least Scarab was happy about growing, unlike his sisters.  No doubt he was looking forward to being able to use the potty himself.

He does resemble the monkey strongly.  Oh yeah, he also looks a lot like Liam.

No, Serpent didn’t hop out of the high chair, though with that bunny tail he looked as if he was ready to.

They really are twins, when you look at them. They may be colored differently, and Serpent may have a bigger nose than Scarab, but you wouldn’t mistake them for half-brothers.

“Hey, Ellie,” Cam said after their birthdays.  “Look what I found in your dresser drawer.

It was my wedding ring.  Feeling it there on my finger again made me feel both guilty and happy, since we’d just aged up the kids I’d cheated to get.  But at the same time, I couldn’t help but be glad that Cam had found it for me.  I needed to be reminded that I was a wife, and a grandmother, and a mother.  I shouldn’t be running off whenever I get upset – it’ll only lead to heartbreak.

I need Cameron Sky, even if I don’t always act it.

“Thank you,” I said.  “Thank you for taking me back.”

“I never left you,” he said.

In therapy that night, I started painting a picture of Cam.

6 thoughts on “95. Husbands Can Find Things Too

  1. This is really good. May I use one or more of your sons for my 100 BC? I am not sure which son or sons that I want to use. They are all so cute. lol You can read it if you want at tiggerwv.wordpress.com.

    • Thanks! Sure, you can use any of Elena’s sons for anything you like. I mention on the Queens page that all sims linked there that I created myself or who were born to Elena can be used for any challenges, stories, or legacies. 🙂

      I just opened your challenge, and almost thought I opened my own website again somehow. XDD It was the background. It threw me. 😛

      • I did choose 3 of her kids. I chose Bilbo, Corey, and Cody they are daddies 20, 23, and 26 respectively. :). I am really far ingame that I have been writing up my posts ahead of time. lol. I have to make notes in my notebook so I do not get the twins and triplets mixed up. lol

      • Cool! I always feel a bit jealous of people who can plan their posts ahead, but it really wouldn’t work for me since I mostly base what I write about around the pictures, instead of the words shaping the pictures. Will be looking forward to seeing the boys when they make appearances. :3

        Strangely, I don’t have a lot of trouble keeping my multiples straight in my head. But that’s probably just me. 😉

      • I do the same thing with my pictures. I almost always find a way to incorporate all of the pictures into my posts. In my game I am at 18 babies, so that is how I can plan them ahead of time. I write up my posts as drafts ahead just in case I get too busy to write one up when I want to update. lol I know at the end of the month I will be very busy because of school starting for my family. We are all in school now. lol

  2. Uh hi…. I miss talking to you. And since youve deleted yout tumblr I didnt know where should I message you. So Ill just leave a comment on a random chapter. Yeah….
    How have you been? Are you home now, for the holidays? Anything new? Anything?
    Me, Ive been good. Well mostly. Kinda sad past few days. Im most likely to spend my new year alone. But Id rather that then go to the center with my family. Dunno. I just wanna sleep and not think at all. We were supposed to go out, our class. Somewhere nice yanno. Have fun, talk and stuff. Only 16 of us there are. We’re a small class, but I dont mind. We are closer in some way. Yeah, so why am I alone? It’s me. I should have called somebody and asked. But its two days before new year now. Everybody has their plans already, probably. I still dont have any close friends and I havent gotten any in elementary either. So I will just have to wait, I suppose. But there are some really good people out there. I see many potential friends which is good. Ive changed in the last few months. Im more confident and social now, although I will always be awkward. Ive been that for too long to just change it now. I dont like it, but its me. Awkward, yes.
    Anyways, have you been writing? Anything, yanno. Not only sims stuff. Are you working on anything now?
    I am. I started up a new project. I enjoy storytelling, but I dont have time to give regular chapters which is sad. But Im doing it for myself more then anybody else. Im also trying to get comfortable with my drawing tablet. I havent been using it as much as I wanted to. I just didnt feel like doing anything.
    Im a mess and on a giant mood swing.

    I hope you will see this. I really do wanna talk to you like we used to. If you wanna you can message me at (email removed to prevent spam. 🙂 )

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